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About Shivkhori

Khori means cave Guffa and Shiv Khori thus denotes Shiva's cave. Shiv Khori is a natural cave which is located in a hillock in the Reasi Tehsil. It extends for about 1 km, the cave is situated at a distance of 100 km from Jammu. Consisting of a naturally formed Shivalingam, the cave is about four feet in height. Around 100 years old, the cave was discovered by shepherds, who resided in the nearby villages. This natural cave is about 200 metres long, one metre wide and two to three metres high and it contains a self made lingam, which according to the people is unending. The first entrance of the cave is so wide that 300 devotees can be accommodated at a time.

The cave consists of two chambers, the outer chamber and the inner chamber. The outer chamber has a capacity to accommodate a large number of people at a time. On the other hand, the inner chamber is small in space. This cave was a hide out place for Lord Shiva. The river in this area is called as Doodh Ganga as it turns white during day of Maha Shivratri.

Tourists visiting the cave can see the impressions of Sheshnaag carved on the ceilings of the cave. In addition, a hollow in the centre of the cave gives an effect of Lord Shiva's "Jatta". Moreover, there are self made saligrama that enclose the Shivalinga. It was protected by Shesh Naag of which one can see the impression on the rocks of his huge snake head. This is one of the temple where gods are present in 100% natural formation.

Shiv Khori cave gains unique significance during the festival of Mahashivratri. There is a big fair organised near this temple during Mahashivratri. During this time, large number of devotees throng the place so as to see the Shivalingam. The cave divides itself into two parts: In this cave there is also a cave which directly go to amarnathji according to a saint who lived there named as bababa ramesgirigi. It is now closed as some sadhus who dared to go ahead never returned. The other cave goes to swarg.

The passage from outer to the inner chamber is small and low, at one spot it divides itself into two parts. One of these is believed to have led to Kashmir where Swami Amarnath cave is located. It is now closed as some sadhus who dared to go ahead never returned. To reach the sanctum sanctorum, one has to stoop low, crawl or adjust his body sideward. Inside a naturally created image of Lord Shiva which is about 4 metres high is visible.

The cave flourishes with a number of other natural objects having similarity with Goddess Parvati, Nandigan and Ganesha. The cave roof is carved with snake formations, the water trickles through these on Shiva Lingam. Pigeons are also seen here like Swami Amar Nath cave which presents good omens for pilgrimages.Shivkhori is a well-known cave shrine of Hindus which is devoted to lord Shiva, situated in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir state in India.

Location of Shivkhori

Shiv Khori is located in between the hillocks about 80 km from Katra, 120 km from Udhampur and 140 km north of Jammu. Buses and light vehicles go up to Ransoo which is the base camp of pilgrimage. People have to traverse about 3 km on foot on a track recently founded by the Shiv Khori Shrine Board, Ransoo.

In Reasi district, there are various temples such as Baba Dhansar, Mata Vaishno Devi, Siad Baba and Merhada Mata. Shiv Khori is one of them which is located in Ransoo a village in the Pouni block in Reasi district, which attracts lakhs of devotees annually.


A number of legends have propounded about the discovery of this holy cave. One of the most significant legends among them is that a demon named Bhasmasura after a long meditation of Lord Shiva obtained blessing to end the life of any one with that blessing. After obtaining it, the said devil tried to end the Lord Shiva-On seeing the evil design of the demon, the Lord Shiva run to save himself from the power of the demon and entered in this cave which is presently known as Shiv Khori. After this, Lord Vishnu in the guise of Mohini came forward and asked the demon to dance with her according to her tune. As and when the demon started dancing as per the actions of Mohini, the said demon took his hand at his head and with his own power, he was himself destroyed. According to the legend, 33 crores deities exist in this cave in shape of pindis and natural milky water is falling on them from the top of the cave. In this cave there is also a cave which directly go to amarnathji according to a saint who lived there named as bababa ramesgirigi

As per the other legend concerning discovery of this cave is that the historic Shiv Khori cave is considered to be discovered by a Muslim shepherd. He was in fact in search of his missing goat and went by chance inside the cave to find the same. However he was very much anxious to see a number of saints inside the cave, who were impressed by Lord Shiva's celestial power and he too started pooja there. Later on the shepherd revealed this to a number of other people in spite of his promise made with the saints not to disclose about them or this cave. It is said that the shepherd after narrating it to other people had died. According to the legends it is considered that a number of famous saints have been closely linked with this cave, who had spent decades inside this cave for spiritual attainment and meditation.

Mythological History of Shivkhori

Shiva Khori was accidently founded by Shepard when they came around for looking their lost sheep and they discovered this cave. Shiva Khori was basically the Lord Shiva’s Hideout. He granted a wish to one of the demon King Bhasmasura, that whatever he touches will turn into ashes. The demon king was happy with the wish and he started killing all gods one after the other.
Afraid of his deeds, one of gods provoked him to kill Lord Shiva himself and when Lord Siva came to know about this it ran from him and took a hide in these mountains.Shiv khori cave was made by Lord Shiva from his Trishul.

Tourist Attractions in Shivkhori

Sulla Park
Sulla Park is located near Reasi on the bank of River Anji. The tourist visits this place mainly during summer season to enjoy the marvelous beauty of the place and their vacations. A beautiful park and a Shiv Kund are also situated in the park.

Dera Baha Banda Behadur
It is located on the bank of River Chenab which is about 20 Kms from Reasi. Dera Baha Banda Behadur is a Gurudwara which is founded on the place of the Samadhi of the renowned Commander of Shri Guru Govind Singh, Baba Banda Bahadur. During the month of April on the occasion of Baisakhi, a three day mela is organized at the Gurudwara and is attended by thousands of devotees.

Aqhar Jitto
It is located on Reasi Katra road which is about 6 kms from Katra, Aqhar Jitto is a sacred place which remains gathered by thousands of devotees irrespective of caste, or colour all over the year. During the month of June, a three day fair is celebrated here on the event of Jeshta Pvmitaa in the honor of great farmer, Baba Jitto and his daughter Bua Kouri.

Dhansar Baba
Dhansar Baba is located on the Reasi-Katra at about 10 Kms from Katra. It is a very famous historical place in the region. It is visited by thousands of devotees mainly the Shivkhori devotees from several parts of the country during the whole year.

Kalka Mandir
Kalka Mandir is located on a small hill which is 200 meters from bus stand of Reasi and is devoted to Goddess Kali. Thousands of devotees visit this temple to seek blessings of Kalka Mata throughout the year.

How To Reach Shivkhori

In order to visit the Holy Shrine of Shivkhori one has to reach village Ransoo. The village Ransoo is connected by Road with Jammu, the winter capital of the State Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu city is well connected with the rest of Country by Rail, Road and Air.

By Rail
One can also reach either Jammu or Udhampur by Train. Jammu is connected to other parts of country through railways. A number of trains all over India are available from Jammu. Railway also runs special Trains during summer and other holidays for comfort of yatries.

By Road
The village Ransoo is located on the Reasi-Rajouri Road and is linked with Katra and other cities of Jammu & Kashmir State. Katra is the Nearest Tourist Hub and is well-known for the Holy Shrine of Shr Mata Vaishno Devi. Regular Bus Services from all major cities of Northen India are available for Katra and Jammu. Many Volvos buses and other deluxe buses of J&K SRTC as well as other private are available from various parts of Northern India.

By Air
The nearest Airport to reach Shivkhori is located at a distance of 140 kms in Jammu City, the winter capital of the Jammu and Kashmir.



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