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                                              Chonor House - McLeod Ganj 

Chonor House is a branch of Norbulingka, it is the best place to stay in Mcleod Ganj, conveniently located near the Thekchen Chöling Temple adjacent to HH the Dalai Lama’s residence. Each of eleven well-appointed rooms of Chonor House is magnificently decorated according to a unique Tibetan theme with murals featuring regions such as Kham, Amdo and Central Tibet and the flora and fauna of the Land of Snow. These striking wall paintings are complemented by appliquéd fabrics, hand-knotted carpets and carved and decorated wooden furniture, all created by Norbulingka craftsmen. Set amidst tall cedars, Chonor House is serenely removed from the hustle and bustle of the town, and yet within easy walking distance of everything McLeod has to offer.

Chonor House was designed and built by British architect David Porter in a style intended to blend with the natural environment of the hills overlooking the Kangra valley. The stone and slates were obtained from the surrounding hills and carried by mule to the site. The shape and location of the building preserved the large pine & cedar trees which dominate the garden and dining area at the back of the building.

Each of the eleven well-appointed rooms at Chonor House has been uniquely decorated according to a different Tibetan theme, with murals featuring regions such as Amdo, Kham and Central Tibet and the flora and fauna of the Land of Snow. These prominent wall paintings created by Norbulingka artists are complemented by appliquéd fabrics, hand-knotted carpets and carved and decorated wooden furniture. Each room is provided with 24 hrs hot & cold water, complimentary herbal tea bags, a small electric kettle, a mini-bar, air-conditioning, a gas heater in Winter, a mini fridge, local and international telephone dialling. Fee wifi facility is also available in rooms.

Eleven well-appointed rooms at Chonor House are:

Voyage at Sea Room
The wall paintings for the Voyage at Sea room were inspired by the Jataka Tales, which recount stories from the former lives of the Buddha. These Indian tales describe the voyages of merchants seeking their fortune at sea.

Amdo Room
Amdo is in Northeastern Tibet and extends from the borders of inner Mongolia to the deserts of what used to be the Silk Road and is now the Gangsu province of China. Amdo is well-known for its fast horses, its beautiful grasslands, and its three great monasteries: Kumbum, Labrang, and Kirti.

Wild Animals Room
Because of its diverse and extreme climates, Tibet is home to a number of rare and interesting animals. Buddhism encourages developing love for all beings, and so Tibetans look upon many animals that inhabit the Tibetan Plateau with affection. It is even said that in the old days many animals had no fear of humans.

Trees and Flowers Suite
Despite its rugged terrain, Tibet has a wide variety of plants and flowers. The mountains rise abruptly, resulting in a diversity of ecosystems that range from grasslands and subtropical forests to alpine meadows above the tree line.

Birds of Tibet Room
Tibet lies along major migration routes for birds. More than 480 species have been sighted in Tibet. Of these only 30 or so live in Tibet full time. Among the birds seen in Tibet are swans, partridges, pheasants, grebes and snow cocks. The black-necked crane, featured on these murals, is revered as a spiritual being by many Tibetans, and inhabits remote areas up to 16,000 feet.

Central Tibet Room
Central Tibet is one of the three traditional regions of Tibet, comprising the provinces of U and Tsang, and most of Western Tibet. In many ways, Central Tibet is the cradle of high Tibetan culture.

Songtsen Suite
The Songtsen Suite was named after the renowned thirty-third Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo who brought Buddhism to Tibet. The king introduced the Tibetan alphabet which continues to be used today and initiated the translation of Buddhist scriptures into Tibetan.

Kham Room
Kham is another of the three historical regions of Tibet. It extends to the borders with Szechuan and Yunnan in China. The landscape of Kham varies widely from high mountains, to lush forests, to great rivers.

Lungta Rooms
Lungta literally means "wind horse," but it is also the Tibetan word for prayer flag. Tibetans believe that as the wind blows and moves the flags, the prayers printed on the flags are carried on the breeze and spread to all beings.

Nomad Room
Nomads can be found in all parts of Tibet, but particularly on the Northern plains. Nomads herd mostly yaks and sheep, and depend on these animals in every aspect of their lives from food to clothing, to the huge tents they weave out of swaths of yak hair.

Lhamo Opera Room
Tibetan opera originated with the 11th century saint, Thangton Gyalpo, who organized villagers into dance troupes to raise funds for building chain bridges. Later, opera troupes could be found all over Tibet.

Chonor Restaurant serves fine international cuisine made with the freshest ingredients, as well as a variety of fresh juices, cakes, and specialty coffee drinks. Menu includes such savory dishes as Vietnamese spring rolls, handmade ravioli, and Tibetan thukpa. Choose from outside dining and take advantage of Chonor House's gorgeous views and landscaped gardens, or enjoy the warmth and luxury of Chonor's dining room, and the beautiful murals of Tibetan landscapes.

Chonor Restaurant is also the perfect place to host a business meeting or social event. It has a private dining room and a spacious lounge available for booking, and can provide catered or buffet meals for groups of up to 100. Evening performances of traditional Tibetan song and dance can also be arranged.

Dzipak Lounge
The lounge takes its name from room length silk Roman shade that displays a forbidding Dzipak spitting jewels and flanked by the eight auspicious symbols. The curtain is a fine example of the appliqué method used both for making thangkas and decorating ornamental picnic tents. The lounge can be hired for meetings and other functions.

Luxury Cars
Chonor House also offer comfortable A/c cars with Tibetan drivers who speak English, Hindi and Tibetan to take you wherever you want to go.

Gift Shop
Chonor Designs brings you the best of Norling Arts creations - open every day, except Monday, 9 am to 9 pm

Cyber Yak cum Library
E-mail and internet access with wireless facilities are available in the Cyber Yak, on your right as you step out of the restaurant. The Library also have a comprehensive selection of books and videos on Tibetan subjects.

By Rail
Nearest railway station from Chonor House are Pathankot  at a distance of 97 kms, Gurdaspur at a distance of 134kms and  Anandpur Sahib at a distance of 183 kms.

By Air
Nearest airport from Chonor House are Dharamsala at a distance of 12 kms, Jammu at a distance of 200 kms and Amritsar at a distance of 202 kms.

Distance from Major Cities
Jalandhar 193 kms , Jammu 200 kms, Amritsar 202 kms, Ludhiana 223 kms, Chandigarh 263 kms.

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