India wildlife safari

India wildlife safari  
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Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary Facts
Latitude and Longitude:
9 degree 45' - 9 degree 53' North and 76 degree 55' - 77 degree 4' East
Area: 77 square km.
Altitude: 450 - 748 m above sea level
Rainfall: 2200 mm


Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala

Information about the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Idukki district, about 40 kms. from Thodupuzha town in Kerala. This sanctuary is spread over the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district in Kerala. The Idukki Wildlife sanctuary was formed in 1976. The Idukki arch dam, the first major hydroelectric project in Kerala, is also situated in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. The Idukki reservoir or the lake which is about 33 square kms. in area surrounds the Idukki Wildlife sanctuary and is formed by the three dams Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 77 square kms. The tourist can also avail various facilities in the sanctuary like boating, forest visit and trekking.

Vegetation in the Idukki Wildife Sanctuary
The vegetation in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary consists of the tropical dense evergreen forests of White pine, Bhadraksham,Kuntherekkapine, Punnappa, Palai, Vediplavu, Maravuri, Vayana etc., tropical semi-evergreen forests of Cheeni, Akil and Vetti and the tropical meadows are covered by the Zonal grass.

Wildlife Attractions in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

The major wildlife animals found in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary are the Elephant, Deer, Bear, Leopard, Tiger, Wild Bison and Wild pig etc. Various reptiles and birds are also found in this sanctuary which are Hornbill, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Cobra, Viper, Python, Rat snake, etc.

How to reach Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
By Air:

The nearest airport is located at Cochin which is about 132 kms.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is located at Kottayam, which is about 133 kms.

By Road:

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached by motorable roads from various cities of Kerala.


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India wildlife safari

India Wildlife Safari Tours

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