01. How to book a tour to Jammu and Kashmir ?
02. If I do not want the tour as mentioned in the website how do I make my own tour ?
03. I am visiting Jammu and Kashmir for the first time how should I prepare myself ?
04. How advance should be my travel booking ?
05. How to experience Jammu and Kashmir at it's best ?
06. Can I buy an Air Ticket through you also ?
07. How will I be picked up from the Airport or Railway Station in Jammu and Kashmir ?
08. Can I book the hotels only with you and not the complete tour ?
09. What to you recommend about hotel reservations. What else should I keep in mind while staying at the hotels in Jammu and Kashmir ?
10. If I only want to take the vehicle during my tour and not the complete tour, then what do you suggest ?
11. How do I get medication in Jammu and Kashmir in case of necessity ?
12. How can I come in contact with local people during our travel in Jammu and Kashmir ?
13. What is the best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir ?
14. Are the Visa and passports required before visiting Jammu and Kashmir ?
15. Which currency is used in Jammu and Kashmir ?
16. Can I pay in Euro, US Dollars or through credit cards in Jammu and Kashmir ?
17. What are the timings of the post office and other administrative offices in Jammu and Kashmir ?
18. I want to visit the temples, mosques and churches in Jammu and Kashmir. What are the different options for me ?
19. Is there any thing important while visiting temples and mosques in Jammu and Kashmir ?
20. What should I wear while on my tour to Jammu and Kashmir ?
21. I want to visit the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Jammu and Kashmir. Give me some information about them ?
22. Are there any restrictions for the Photography in Jammu and Kashmir ? Is there anything I need to consider while doing photography in Jammu and Kashmir ?
23. How is shopping in Jammu and Kashmir ? Can you provide me some tips for safe and smart shopping in Jammu and Kashmir ?
24. What shopping I can do in Jammu and Kashmir ?
25. How much should I give as tipping while traveling in Jammu and Kashmir ?
26. Are there any restrictions on the export of articles from Jammu and Kashmir ?
27. I want to know more about Kashmir Tours. Why should I book the tour through Kashmir Tours ?
28. What is the guarantee that I would be provided the services which I asked for during my tour ? Or how safe is my tour with Kashmir Tours ?
29. Where is the office of Kashmir Tours located ?
30. Does your company provide any sort of insurance ?
31. How do we settle the payment ? Is there an advance deposit required ?
32. How can I make the payment ?
33. What type of information is required in order to confirm the booking ?
34. Do people understand English and other foreign languages in Jammu and Kashmir ?
35. Can I drive in Jammu and Kashmir ?
36. What are the different greetings used in Jammu and Kashmir ?
37. What are the general doís and doníts for greeting in Jammu and Kashmir ?
38. How do Indians welcome their guests ?
39. How can I identify people from various religions ?
40. What about the public facilities in Jammu and Kashmir ?
41. What caution should one tourist take Ė when it comes to legal matter and safety ?
42. What precautions should I take regarding my health while in India ?
43. What is the general meal plan in Jammu and Kashmir ? What kind of food is served in the restaurants in Jammu and Kashmir ?
44. What are the special dishes one should try on the trip to Jammu and Kashmir ?
45. What is advisable to eat and drink in Jammu and Kashmir ?
46. Give me general information about local transport available in Jammu and Kashmir ?
47. I am an enthusiastic adventurous tourist. What are the various options for me in Jammu and Kashmir ?
48. I want to spent my honeymoon in Kashmir. What are the various options ?
I want to stay in the houseboat during my tour to Kashmir. What are the various options ?