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10 Days Ladakh Trekking Tour

10 Days / 09 Nights
(Hemis - Shang Sumdo - Latza Kongmaru - Kongmaru-la - Langtang Chu - Zalung Karpo-la - Tilut Sumdo - Charchar-la - Zangla Sumdo - Zangla - Padum)

10 Days Ladakh Trekking Tour

Day 01: Hemis - Shang Sumdo (about 3 hours)
Today you will start trekking from Hemis to Shang Sumdo. From Hemis, you will go down towards Martsellang, then follow a track suitable for vehicles. Later, you will go up the valley, which is fairly narrow in places, and walk along the riverbed as far as Shang Sumdo. In Shang Sumdo, have an overnight stay in the camp.

Day 02: Shang Sumdo - Latza Kongmaru (about 7 hours)

Today you will start trekking from Shang Sumdo to Latza Kongmaru. From Shang Sumdo, take a path along the slope through red rock and walk back down to the riverbeds. Later, the track will lead to gorges. Leave the gorge and go up into the pass. Overnight stay in the camp in Latza Kongmaru.

Day 03: Latza Kongmaru - Kongmaru-la - Langtang Chu (about 7 hours)

In the morning from Latza Kongmaru, steep ascent as far as the Kongmaru-la pass. From the pass, you can have the beautiful view of the northern face of the Kang Yaze. After reaching the pass, you have an easy descent to the summer pastures of Nimaling, one of the most beautiful high valleys in Ladakh. At Nimaling, pass the ridge and go down into a beautiful small valley, then cross a second ridge and go along the rocky northwest slope on the Kang Yaze as far as the Langtang Chu flows.

Day 04: Langtang Chu - Zalung Karpo-la (about 8 hours)

Today you will trek from Langtang-chu to Zalung Karpo-la. On the way you will cross a large stream and a moraine wall and trek further until the valley divides. When the valley divides, then take the right-hand valley as far as the top of the Zalung Karpo-la. From the top, go down a ridge towards a second pass then go down a steep rocky slope as far as a beautiful valley curves slightly to the left. In the evening reach Zalung Karpo-la and have a camp.

Day 05: Zalung Karpo-la - Tilut Sumdo (about 6 hours)

Today you will go down towards the main stream, which flows, on the left. It is a broad trench with large stones. Go at first through this trench, then to a flat land above and on the right. After 4 hours you arrive at a valley which comes from the right and leads to the Ruberung-la. Afterwards, go to left bank and into a quite beautiful gorge. Then leave it on a path which is rough for the horses. Further on, the gorge opens up. Go onto the left bank as far as the junction with the Chang-chu. Go onto the left bank of the river. Another 2 hours and several crossings lead to Tilut Sumdo.

Day 06: Tilut Sumdo - Charchar-la (about 8 hours)

Today you will cross the Chang-chu into a very narrow valley. After 2 hours, pass a canyon on the Right Bank. Then, continue on to the left bank, and then to the right bank and pass a major valley on right bank. After 3 hours, you will reach a third valley on the right bank then trek a bit further. The valley narrows and crossing the stream becomes easier. Go up a small steep slope on the Right Bank. After trekking for another 2 hours, you will reach a strand with stones opposite a group of rocky needles along its left bank. The path becomes narrower and harder. At the next junction, take the canyon on the right, pass a small comb, further 2 hours in a gully before arriving in a broad valley. Later, follow the stream that turns slightly to the left and go up to the left bank onto a flat land above a trench.

Day 07: Charchar-la - Zangla Sumdo (about 4 hours)

In the morning, you will go to the stream and enter several impressive gorges where the horses have to be unsaddled several times. After the third narrowing, leave the stream, which flows towards the left, and go up a gentle slope. From the pass, there will be a dizzy descent into the fallen rocks. Go towards the left and cross a canyon. Carrying on along the stream as far as the junction with a large river which comes from the left. Overnight stay in the camp in Zangla-Sumdo.

Day 08: Zangla Sumdo - Zangla (about 4 hours)

Today you will go down along the river where the valley opens up further. Then, when it really turns to the right, cross it onto the right side. You arrive at a house and several fields. Carry on to the right side, then gradually up as far as the Zangla castle. After trekking for further half an hour, you will arrive at the village of Zangla.

Day 09: Zangla - Padum (about 7 hours)

Today you will trek from Zangla to Padum.

Day 10: Padum

The whole day is free to have rest in Padum.

To enable us to send you the rates of the 10 Days Ladakh Trekking Tour, we need to have the number of participants and the dates from you.


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