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Devaaya Ayurveda Nature Cure Centre - Goa


Information about Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre has been set up by Victor M. Albuquerque, founder of the Alcon Victor Group in Goa.

This Accommodation in Goa is situated in Divar Island – just 10 kms from Panaji – (Goa’s capital city), it is set on a lush five acre property amidst swaying palms. Devaaya consists of 60 luxurious rooms built in true Goan style cottages. The ambience, serenity with only the sound of the trees and the birds makes Devaaya a piece of paradise.

The Alcon Victor Group have pioneered a modern health delivery system in Goa by the setting up Goa’s first 150 bedded Super Specialty Hospital (Apollo Victor).

Now with the establishment of Devaaya, the group provides genuine alternate Medical Health Care for treatment of various problems caused due to modern lifestyles.

Apollo Victor Hospital and Devaaya have promoted medical tourism to both domestic and international patients who have availed of treatments in Allopathy and now can experience Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Ayurveda & Naturopathy or Nature Cure help you regain your health lost through years of neglect and artificial lifestyle. At Devaaya we hope to get you back on track. Ayurveda treatments help your body recover and rejuvenate, while Naturopathy is not just a treatment, but a way of life


Ayurveda & Yoga at Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

“Good health is always your best asset”.
Ayurveda literally means the science of life. Originally a Hindu medical system – holistic and complex, spiritual and philosophical. Ayurveda is a system of medicine which could heal with its natural remedies even the so called incurable diseases without any side effects.
Ayurveda is especially useful in ailments such as joint pains, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Diabetes, Spondilitis, Asthma, Neurological disorders, migraine and obesity. Only after examination of the patient by the physician, the actual diagnosis, prognosis and course of treatment are determined and patients advised accordingly.

Ayurveda offers a holistic solution for everything; from a healthy lifestyle, food habits and the art of positive living to treatment management and the cure of chronic ailments without any harmful side effects. The combination of Vedic philosophy and health practices form the basis of the activities offered at our Centre.

The Centre has extensive facilities for providing Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Wellness treatment programmes backed by a team of Ayurvedic doctors and male/female masseurs to provide the Ayurveda treatment.

Hygiene and high levels of guest satisfaction are the hallmark of the Ayurveda Centre.
Different courses of treatment are offered to healthy people for “Wellness” as well as patients with serious diseases such as heart ailments, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, paralysis, kidney disorders, obesity, spinal disorders, brain and nervous disorders and so on.

The residential programmes include Ayurvedic treatments & medicine, Yoga, Meditation & Orientation sessions.


Accommodation at Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

“Devaaya” has 60 well appointed guest rooms & suites. The rooms have all modern facilities with baths (tubs or showers), luxurious furniture, 24 hours hot/cold water, TV, Air-conditioning and individual balconies overlooking the fields, gardens and the river.


Restaurant at Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

It was preached by Hippocrates “Thy food thy medicine and thy medicine thy food” and rightly so. Diet is the single most important aspect of your Naturopathy treatment. A nutritious diet plays a major role by providing your body much needed nutrients and thereby recuperating organs. The science of Ayurveda too emphasizes on the importance of a proper diet to cure ailments.

Maintaining a proper diet can help in leading a healthy life with no supplemental medicine required. Majority of the total no. of diseases arise from faulty food habits. Food not cooked on a fire retains its enzymes, minerals and other nutrients and hence uncooked food is the best as it has the most nutritive value. To maintain a proper balance it is essential that 75% of our food intake should be uncooked and the remaining 25% of the cooked variety.
Even cooked food can be divided depending on the nutrition it provides, for eg. Unpolished cooked rice, whole wheat bread etc. The best methods of cooking are steaming, boiling and baking. Fried foods are avoided because they lose their nutritive value after being cooked at high temperatures. Also, uncooked food being more alkaline compared to cooked food reduces acidity and digestive problems.


Facilities at Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

The Centre has extensive facilities for providing Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Wellness treatment & Naturopathy programmes backed by a team of Ayurvedic/Naturopathy doctors and male/female masseurs to provide the necessary treatment.

Besides these the Centre has facilities such as Jacuzzis / Steam rooms and Sauna besides the outdoor facilities – Swimming pool, Tennis, Basketball, Meditation, Yoga, Suryanamaskar, etc.

The Centre has a full-fledged Ayurveda Centre with well trained Ayurveda doctors and therapists. It has separate massage rooms for ladies and gents.

Devaaya Services listed below are available at no additional cost to the guests.

Newspapers in Rooms, Use of Fully Equippred Gymnasium and Outdoor Facilities, Swimming Pool,
Sauna/Steam and Jacuzzi (Ladies/Gents separate), 24 hrs. Doctor availability, Yoga / Pranayama / Asanas / Meditation etc., Food package at the time of discharge, Travel Desk, 24 hrs Security & Safety, Laughing Therapy, Cable Television with Satellite Channels

How to reach at Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre

The Devaaya Ayurveda & Nature Cure Centre
National highways NH 4A, NH 17 and NH 17A connect Goa to Major towns.
Local Transport: There is a good network of Internal bus services by private operators and K.T.C., Taxis, Rickshaws and Motorcycles are also available throughout Goa.

Distance from the airport: 35 Kms (1-hour drive)
Distance from Panjim: 10 Kms (20-min drive/ferry)

Devaaya - The Ayurveda Retreat - Ayurveda Treatments Offers & Prices
Tariff in Euro)

Offer 1

Room Category Single Occupancy Room With Diet Therapy For One Person For 7 Days Euro rate (for 7 Nights)
Superior Room      

Offer 2

Room Category Double Occupancy Room With Diet Therapy For One Person For 7 Days Euro rate (for 7 Nights)
Superior Room      

Offer 3

Room Category Double Occupancy Room With Diet Therapy For Two people For 7 Days Euro rate (for 7 Nights)
Superior Room      

Room Upgrade Supplements:
1) Supplement for Villa room – € 20, 00 per night.
2) Supplement for Suite – € 36, 00 per night.

Services Included in Ayurveda Therapy Package:
Accommodation, Ayurvedic Treatments, Doctor's consultation, Therapies as per the plan, Yoga and Meditation Classes, Sauna / Steam Bath / Jacuzzi etc. Full Board Vegetarian Food, Airport Transfers  & All taxes.

Amenities For Accompanying Guests Not Availing of Therapy Includes:
1) Full diet (vegetarian or Continental Food (vegetarian).
2) Swimming, Cycling, Village Treks and other recreational activities.
3) Complimentary use of Fitness Centre.

Additional costs (not included in price):
The Villa Room costs Euro 17 per night and Suite costs Euro 34 per night extra. We offer special discounts depending on bookings and season. We send you these offers on request.

To enable us to send you the rates of the Ayurveda packages of the above resort, we need to have the number of participants and the dates from you. (Query)

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