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Yoga Exercises

If you want to be fit and healthy then you should perform some simple physical exercises. There are various exercises in Yoga which cover almost every part of the body like neck, hand, shoulder, leg, chest and tummy. Walking and stretching are good for the well being of the body. Instead of using the lift, you should climb the stairs. Various types of body exercises are twisting, stretching, forward and backward bending. One must do these simple exercises as per the individual health capacity and under the guidance of a teacher.

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Physical Exercises            

The physical exercises are related with every part of body whether it is neck, hand, shoulder, legs, abdomen, tummy, hips, etc. These exercises must be done only under the proper guidance of an expert. The different physical exercises are as follows:-

  • Neck Exercise - The exercise of Neck can be done in Right and Left Side, Upwards and Downwards and Anti clockwise.

  • Hand Exercise - In this exercise one has to extend both arms in front at shoulder level. One can also move the hands upwards and downwards.

  • Shoulder Exercise - In this exercise one has to move the shoulders and stretch them through the upward hands.

  • Abdomen pumping - In this exercise one has to do the abdomen exercise making the 60 to 90 degree angle postures.

    Besides this various other exercises are the side movements, side crossing, side jumping and engine run.


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