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Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom - Trivandrum


Information about Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom

The Geethanjali centre is located in the federal state of Kerala on the Northern outskirt of Trivandrum, in the village of Chittattumukku which is located at a 30 minutes drive from the international airport. The Geethanjali centre has been set up in a residential area, but neither at the sea side nor near the backwaters.

Adjacent to the residential premises with the doctor’s surgery a ‘madom’, being a traditional ayurvedic surgery construed according to ancient ayurvedic construction plans, has been built in which every patient (guest) is treated individually.

The Gopika family with their son Manish and daughter Malu provide guests with an insight to Indian life allowing them to participate in their daily family life.

Dr. Gopika Remanan descends from an ayurvedic doctors’ family and has been practising as ayurvedic doctor in the third generation. After his ayurvedic studies which he completed with the academic title of BAM from the University of Kerala, he focused on traditional ayurvedic philosophy. He studied Sanskrit in order to be able to read the traditional scriptures and to completely focus on ayurvedic medicine. He has been practising in his own surgery, mainly for local people, since more than 15 years. Since the year 2000 the Geethanjali centre successfully accommodates European patients. The ingredients applied in the treatments, including oils, powders, pastes and drugs are being prepared individually for each patient, according to ancient ayurvedic recipes, in the centre’s own pharmacy.


Ayurveda & Yoga at Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom

Originally from India, Ayurveda is a 5000 year old philosophy and medical science. It utilizes nature’s power and teaches us how to stay healthy and happy.

The term ‚Ayurveda’ means: knowledge about a healthy life. The Sanskrit words ‘ayus’ and ‘veda’ mean ‘healthy life’ and ‘knowledge’. The traditional ayurvedic treatment aims at re-balancing the interdependencies between body, mind and soul.

Life of modern Western people has been increasingly stressful and tense, thus decreasing quality of life and leading to avoidable detrition processes. Western medicine is predominantly specialised in treating symptoms rather than causes for illnesses. This is one of the reasons why people from Western countries search for alternatives in being provided utmost benefit and health for their body and soul.

Ayurveda is on the one hand an effective measure for preventing illnesses; on the other hand it is also a proven therapy for existing disorders allowing a successful treatment of patients with disorders like rheumatism, arthritis and diabetes. Ayurveda is especially appropriate to restoring a disordered immune system and also suitable after surgeries.


Accommodation at Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom

The guest house was built in the traditional Kerala style. All three single rooms have been equipped with an own bath room. The roof terrace which has been covered with palm leaves invites patients to relax, read, write or just feel at ease.


Facilities at Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom

All vegetarian meals are prepared according to the doctor’s instructions. Tea, milk, fruit juices, herbal waters, tender coconut water as well as mineral waters are served. Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.

How to reach at Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom

The Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom is just about 20 km from trivandrum airport travel time 30 minutess

To enable us to send you the rates of the Ayurveda packages of the above resort, we need to have the number of participants and the dates from you. (Query)

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