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The life in the human body is maintained by 9-13 AUTO systems which function automatically and the nature is responsible for the above functioning. The 9-13 AUTO system of human body consists of Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous, Reproductive, Urinary and Excretory system. Similarly there are 7 elements in food products which are also very essential for the human body for living. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Roughage are the seven elements in the food products.

Without even one of the essential elements of life which are 5 attributes of nature i.e. Air, Soil, Water, Fire and Sky, the human life is not possible. Most of us are working and living in comfortable surroundings and hardly ever go out in the natural atmosphere so we need to co-exist with natural environment in order to live harmoniously. But modern lifestyle or environment is day by day deteriorating and it is clear that it would become a threat to our existence.

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About Nature

What is Nature ?
Nature is living by observing the rules of nature related to health of the individual. A system of Medicine means any independent system that ensures healing or cure of all diseases. The scientific system of medicine is based on the natural way of living.

Nature and Human Life
Human life is connected with nature. There are five elements of Nature or treated as 5 attributes of supreme i.e. Bhagavan where, BHA stands for Bhumi which means Earth, GA stands for Gagan which means Space or sky, V stands for Vayu which means Air, A stands for Agni which means Fire and N stands for Neer which means Water.

As there are five elements of nature which are connected with human life similarly, there are five attributes in hand which are connected with nature. These attributes are Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Small Finger. Thumb indicates Fire or sun, Index finger indicates Wind or Air, Middle finger indicates sky or space, Ring indicates earth and small finger indicates water.

The human body also requires sunlight which is the best element and has remained unpolluted. Insufficient exposure to sunlight on the human body decrease the function of blood circulation and increases lymphocinesia in our body. Human metabolism system and as well as other internal organs also slows down. The sunlight layer protecting our earth is also being destroyed very slowly every day thus allowing harmful ultra-violet rays to penetrate inside the earth which is very harmful for all the living beings on the earth.


Comparison between Human Body and Vehicle

The human body can be seen as a temple or vehicle for the soul. The human body require certain ingredients which must be fulfilled in order to function smoothly and supply energy. Similarly an automobile or vehicle also require certain items which must also be fulfilled in order to run very smoothly and which supply maximum mileage.

An automobile requires:

1. A lubrication system
2. Battery
3. Fuel
4. Responsible Driver behind the wheel.

Similarly, human body requires a proper diet, proper breathing, proper relaxation and proper exercise.

1. Proper Diet - One should always take a proper and balance diet in order to function smoothly. Some of the elements which must be present in a proper and balance diet are Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Roughage (fiber).

2. Proper Breathing - Proper Breathing is also a very essential part for the existence of a human life. There are certain conditions for proper breathing. Firstly, one should follow breathing very slowly and slowly. Secondly, inhale and exhale should be equal i.e 6 x 6.

3. Proper Relaxation - A human must also devote some time to relaxation. One should relax for at least some time.

4. Proper Exercise - If one wants to live fit and healthy then one should also take proper exercise. There are various exercises in Yoga which cover almost every part of the body like neck exercises, hand exercises, shoulder exercises, leg exercises, chest exercises and tummy exercises.



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