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Nagarhole National Park

Information about Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka

The Nagarhole National Park is situated in the picturesque districts of Kodagu and Mysore in southern Karnataka. The word "Nagarhole" is made of the combination of two words Nagar and Hole. Nagar means snake and hole means streams and so various streams snake through the rich tropical forests of Nagarhole National Park. The Nagarhole National Park was first established in 1955. In 1975, its area was increased to include a greater area of forest reserve. Earlier, this park was an exclusive hunting preserve of the erstwhile rulers of Mysore. The terrain of this park is gently undulating with lush green vegetation, swamps and numerous water resources, and provides an ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.

Wildlife Attractions in the Nagarhole National Park

The four-horned antelope, sloth bear, jungle cat, civet, spotted deer, elephant, wild dog, flying fox, tiger, panther, gaur (Indian bison), sambhar, wild boar, black-naped hare, bonnet macaque, and pangolin are the major wildlife attractions in the Nagarhole National Park. Cobras, crocodiles, kraits, pythons, vipers and several species of lizards are also found here. About 250 species of birds like the common babbler, bee-eater, bulbul, dove, crested serpent, hornbill, Malabar pied, alexandrine, peacock, woodpecker, warbler, great Indian reed, eagle, crested hawk, golden-back parakeet, and the southern tree pie are also found in the Park.

Deer, Nagarhole National Park
Jungle Safari in Nagarhole National Park

You can visit the Nagarhole National Park by having a jeep safari. Jeeps and guides are available to take you around the Nagarhole National Park.

Best Time to Visit Nagarhole National Park

The best time to visit the Nagarhole National Park is in the dry season, when wild animals can be spotted in large numbers near sources of water.

Other Attractions in Nagarhole National Park

The Brahmagiri Mountains is a perfect place for those who wish to go for trekking. Prior permission is required from the authorities before going on a trekking trail.

How to reach Nagarhole National Park

By Air:
The nearest airport is located at Bangalore, about 220 kms.

By Rail:
Mysore, about 80 kms away is the nearest railway station.

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