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Pran Therapy is a unique ancient Indian method of treating pain without medicines. It is more than a 'Healing Touch'. It works like magic in a scientific and rational manner. It is holistic in approach and explores the reasons of pains, and after finding them out physically, it rectifies them. This therapy needs no medicine and has no side effects. Pran Therapy is not similar to osteopathy or acupressure, spiritual healing and Alexander techniques etc. This therapy has practically cured thousands of patients suffering from Headache, Migraine, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Frozen Shoulder, Cervical Spondilysis, Backache, Slip-Disc, Sciatica, Leg-Knee-Heel-Foot pain, Hand-Elbow-Wrist pain, Stomach troubles, Urine problems, Numbness, Vertigo, abdominal disorders, disorders and deformities in spinal system and several other diseases. Patients who have to undergo surgery and operations were saved by this therapy. This shows the efficacy of this system. Expensive pathological investigations are also not required in Pran Therapy.

What is Pran?

Pran is the name of the vital force or the life-force. It is the subtlest form of the breath that pervades the entire human body. It is more than the normal breath and the essence of life. It keeps every tissue of the human body alive and flows throughout the body.

How Pran helps in healing?

Whenever there is obstruction anywhere in the free flow of Pran, there is pain. Pain is mainly a manifestation of the obstruction in the free flow of the Pran. This obstruction is caused by bad food habits, abnormal lifestyles and defective postures. Pran Therapy tackles these obstructions and set the flow of Pran in the right direction. The Centre for Practice and Research in Indian Pran Therapy deals with the diseases by manipulating the flow of Pran. In Pran Therapy, it is possible to discover the obstructions and compressions merely by touching the body by hands. It is not only a physical act, nor is it possible to tackle Pran by a mere physical touch. It is a highly spiritual method of treating pain and calls for an absolute oneness with the patient. It also calls for a perfect rapport with one another. It is not merely a practice of developing faith in one another, but is basically a sublimity of submission. This sublimity brings poise and inner peace.

The Science of Pran Therapy

The term Pran Chikitsa (Pran Therapy) has been mentioned in the Vedas, ancient literatures on therapy and Ayurvedic scriptures like Sushrut Samhita. It appears in many variations and definitions, but the Pran Therapy is not based on any literature, book knowledge and theoretical technique. It is based on the patient. A relationship of identification is established with the patient to absorb his pain, to immerse one in the intensity of the anguish felt by him and feeling his pain, to see and understand what causes the pain. This is possible only when one will assimilate vital force, dissolve ego and surrender to serve him. In fact, the process of surrender is mutual, and in this process Pran or vital force plays the main role. This force helps in diagnosis and acts as medicine. In the Pran Therapy, medicines are used very rarely, and only for external application. This therapy does not depend on modern scientific tests.

In order to arrive at a complete and comprehensive diagnosis, the patient's current physical condition, his psyche and personal nature, and the symptoms of his disease are considered. A treatment based on such comprehensiveness can alone be truly effective. The treatment should be holistic, comprehensive and involve all the organs of the body. A disease cannot be understood properly and intensely if you look at it only in parts. Treatment should cover both the body and the mind. The causes are psychic, spiritual and physical. Therefore, Pran Therapy basically works on the Pran or vital force within the patientís body, so that the body becomes active on its own, and proceeds towards being free of the malady. This process of treatment by Pran Therapy requires not only establishing a wavelength with the patient, but also activating his body. This activation has to be health-oriented, which is possible through pure and dedicated touch. The patientís body is probed with a feeling of Godís grace in your hands in order to find out which part or organ of the body or which nervous system has a block or obstruction and how much is the intensity of such obstruction. It is believed that if the blockage is removed, the disease will also go. so on the basis of this belief, the nervous system is probed in order to identify the obstruction. This health-oriented touch, made with Shiv Sankalp (holy vow), in order to feel the obstructions, is the basic foundation of Pran therapy. Today, the human touch has almost disappeared. Now, there is no one anywhere who inquires about patientís disposition with complete affection. Machines, computers and super specialists have taken over the treatment. In this situation, if any practitioner of treatment probes and gets at a hidden area of pain, the patient gets enormous satisfaction, and his confidence develops into strong faith. Thousands of patients have now developed faith and confidence in Pran Therapy and surrendered themselves. This health- oriented touch is a science itself and has a grammar of its own. This is not a magic nor the miraculous touch of holy nature. The grammar develops through a deep all-round understanding of the disease, and varies with each person. The touch is given according to the individual grammar that tingles his sensitive spots, activates them and puts life into them. The spread of new energy removes the obstacles, dislodges foreign fluids etc. in the areas concerned and thus sets off a new flow of the blood and the new life to the nervous system. The revival of the nearly dead cells gets the patient rid of the malady.

The origin of this grammar of touch can be seen in the Vedas and in other ancient literature. In some literature, some sensitive spots are also described. But, this grammar is totally subjective, and keeps varying. This kind of touch is not confined to touching. Looking at the patientís condition and body, different vital spots are given different degrees of pressure with different duration, according to the malady and personality of each individual in order to activate them. These vital spots are spread like a network from head to toe. While applying pressure on the vital spots, the patient feels pain for the time being, but the result is unimaginable comfort and satisfaction. The spine is the most crucial part among all the vital spots. It is also known as Mooladhar (basic foundation). According to the modern science, the spine is the root-foundation of our nervous system. The vital force also spreads out through the spine. Therefore, in Pran Therapy, the attention is mainly paid on the spine and it is found out that which nerves emerging from the spine are strong and active and which are weak and needs to be activated. The activation of these nerves not only helps in curing the disease, but also enhances and nourishes the Pran or vital force of the patient and makes his attitude positive to help him release from illness.

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