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Sadhana or Meditation

Sadhana or Dhyan means how to concentrate your mind at one point. Sadhana is a vision. The main objective behind doing Sadhana is how to concentrate the mind and live a disciplined life. Sadhana also means meditation. In the beginning, meditation will not be about how long you can maintain a state of mental clarity and focus. But, meditation is all about developing an ability to return your attention to a selected focus point, time and time again.

The human mind is not still. It gets moved away easily by various thoughts, emotions and feelings and thus distracting the mind. But as soon as one notice that the mind has moved, then return your attention to the chosen focal point. During the meditation one should not get frustrated when the mind moves away from one place to another. So Sadhana is connected to the higher power within you.

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Different ways of Meditation

Meditation is a method of attaining the focus and maintaining attention on the present moment through various meditation techniques. The different meditation techniques are focus on the breath and focus on an object and the Mahamrityunjay Mantra.

Focus on the breath
In this type of meditation, you can focus the attention by simply observing the natural flow of your breath without changing it any way. You can also focus your attention on each exhalation, allowing tensions and emotions to be released with breath. While focusing on the breath you can also chant "Omkar Mantra" at least three times with deep inhaling and exhaling of the breath. One must perform inhaling and exhaling properly and very slowly.

Focus on an object
In this type of meditation you can place an object like a lighted candle on the floor or on a surface at the eye level and place the attention on that object. Whenever the mind moves away then bring it gently back to the flame. While using an object in meditation, then use the object as a neutral focal point to which your eyes can return whenever you are aware that your attention has been moved. The object must be very simple in shape and design as the main purpose is to refocus the attention when it moves away.

Mahamrityunjay or Lord Shiva Mantra:




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