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Smile and Silence

(Soul, Mind & Body's Instruments Love Every Time)

SMILE stands for Soul, Mind and Body's Instruments Love Every time. Smile is a master of mind. One should always smile and remain cool and calm. Smile is located in the soul and mind of the human body. One should live with smile independently.

Mankind has been offered numberless solutions to cure the human ills which varies from economical, social, political and what not. Many isms and ideologies have thus been tried out at various times and in various countries. For solving human problems, no specific as yet has been accepted by all sides. The progress of humanity is relative and shifting while showing results in certain sectors has been undone by regression in others. The net result has been that humanity is still unhappy and suffering in spite of progress in the way of scientific and technological advances.

The most common disease in today’s world is not the common cold but the stress. Stress has overtaken it as the most wide spread problem being faced by young and old alike - various groups, especially in urban environs. Age is also an era of various ailments. The negative consequences of long term unmanaged disease may be loss of vigour and vitality, erosion in ability to concentrate and make decisions, forgetfulness, frequent fits of anger and withdrawal behaviors among to others. Today’s man to keep of with this pace, has started using doctor. This in turn forced him or her to suffer from side effects, which are often worse, then the disease itself.

So the new concept arises. This concept provides an opportunity for those who are in the age group of 25 + and want to get benefit in the spiritual insights and technology of nature. Nature helps one tremendously to lead a bright future and also helps in improving the lifestyle at the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Smile is a master of mind. One should always smile and remain cool and calm. Smile is located in the soul and mind of the human body. Mind is the master of health and if health remains fit then one can enjoy life in the long run. Smile is the key which create positive and consistent change in our life. This key will unlock our natural gift, enabling one to be more, do more and have more.

Henry Bengson has said "For a conscious person, to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly".

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Silence helps to conserve mental energy. Practically it is not possible to remain silent all the time but we may try at least some time in the day when we can remain in total silence. During this time we can read, write and listen to some smoothing slow music or else. In our daily life one easily get driven by the impulses. It is a sign of weak mind. So one should first check and have control on the mind and don’t become its slave. One should be the master of mind and follow certain procedures. First of all, one should examine the impulses properly and then accordingly hold it for sometimes or ignore by exercising patience. By this one will be powerful and strength will increase gradually. Secondly, one should try to exercise such type of patience everywhere and avoid hurry, anxiety and desperation or wordy matters and sensual pleasures. Thirdly, one should try to exercise tolerance and patience in the face of people's remarks, insults or criticism about you instead of reacting immediately.

Reaction to Health and Mind

If you are searching for more happiness, physical and mental health and understanding, realizing, love and meaning then join to explore the keys to being, doing and having more and living. If we are not careful, though, we can fall into the trap of merely exchanging one set of beliefs, one technique and approach for another. We can read and learn more but if the quality of our lives doesn’t improve we are no better off.



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