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Yoga Programme

Yoga is one of the ancient discipline which is practiced in India since centuries. It helps to keep body free from any problems. Indo Vacations offers you the Yoga course in India as well as abroad. This course will be conducted for about two and half hours daily i.e about 150 minutes per day. During the classes there will be theoretical and practical session side by side. During the practical there would also be live demonstration by an expert in front of you The participants should wear loose clothes or sport track suits. An example of Yoga schedule is mentioned below which is subject to slight change as per the physical conditions of the participants:






During the Yoga course there will be an introduction session during which you will be taught about the fundamentals on Yoga like the root of the Indian Yoga, Founder of Yoga, Nature and Human body and some more similar topics. Some of the topics would be as follows:

  • Root of Indian Yoga

  • Founder of Yoga and Father of Yoga.

  • Human body connected with Nature

  • What is Nature

  • What is Life and Life formula

  • Modern Lifestyle

  • Comparison between Human body and a Vehicle in functioning.

15 minutes

Yogic exercises

During the Yoga course, you will be taught about various body movements. There are four types of body movements. These body movements are required for the proper functioning of the human body. Some of these body movements are forward bending, backward bending, twisting and stressing as well as various exercises of Yoga as per your health condition by an expert yoga instructor.

Some of the yoga exercises are:

  • Side Jumping
  • Hand Exercises
  • Neck Movements (Ups & Downs/Rotation - Clockwise - Anti Clockwise)
  • Elbow Movements (Ups & Downs/Rotation/Reverse)
  • Shoulder movements
  • Chest Expansion
  • Side Bending and Side Twisting
  • Side Crossing (Body shape would be in 90 degree angle position)
  • Front and Back Bending
  • Tummy Pumping (body would be in 60 / 90 degree angle position)
  • Knee (Patella) movement (Rotation - Clockwise-Anti clockwise)
  • Hip movement (Rotation - Clockwise-Anti clockwise)
  • Spot / Engine Running
  • Millstone movement (Chakki Chalana)
  • Boating by hand (Nauka Chalana)
  • Legs and Hands Stretching (in specific positions)
  • Butterfly movements

35  minutes


While doing Yoga, some questions might be arising in your mind like what is yoga, from where did this word come from, what are asanas, different types of asanas, etc. During the Yoga session you will get answer of all these questions. Some of these topics would be discussed and taught during the Yoga session:

  • What is Yoga (yog)
  • What are Asanas
  • Types of Asanas
  • What is Ashtang Yog
  • Asanas fall on which path of Ashtang Yog
  • What is Dhyan Asana and what are its types
  • What is Shastwa (Healthy) Asana and what are its types
  • Benefits of the Asanas
  • What is "Surya Namaskar" (Steps and sequence for performing Sun Salutation in 12 postures)
  • Benefits of  Sun Salutation ("Surya Namaskar")
  • Mudras (hand positions) - Types of Mudras and their benefits
  • Neck locking (BANDH) - Types of Bandh and their benefits
  • Kinds of Yog and their definition - Raja Yog, Bhakti Yog, Gyana Yog, Karma Yog

20 minutes 


In between the Yoga Asanas, there will be frequent spells of relaxation. During this time there will be illustration on what we understand when we talk about god (Parmeshwar) and about the Root creator. For illustration purpose a chart made by a Yoga guru will be demonstrated.

 5 minutes

Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a very essential part of our life. During this session you will be taught Breathing, the art of controlling breathing and also the different breathing exercises.

The different types of breathing exercises are as follows: 

  • Natural Breathing
  • Sectional Breathing
  • Breathing with the middle region lung
  • Thoracic Breathing
  • Abdominal / Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Clavicular Breathing
  • Yogic Breathing

20 minutes


Relax for some time

5 minutes


After you have been told about the different breathing exercises you will be informed about the Pranayama. Pranayama means the art of controlling breath. Pranayama is used in yoga to clear and cleanse the body and mind. There are different types of Pranayama and you will be taught about them by demonstration. These different types are as follows:

  • Anuloma / Viloma  (1 - 5 stages)
  • Nadi Shodhan      (1 - 4 stages)
  • Vedhene (Surya / Chandra)
  • Ujjai
  • Bhastrika
  • Kapalbhati
  • Bhramri
  • Sitlee
  • Sitkari
  • Murchha

40 minutes


   Relax for some time

 3 minutes


During this session you get acquainted with various Chakras (Energy canters) and their respective position in the human body. You will be told about the inter relationship between the various Chakras, elements, colours, Bija mantras and the different yogic exercises with the help of a chart by the Yoga teacher.

15 minutes


  Relax for some time

 2  minutes



After having relaxation, you will have meditation session. During this session you will be given information on the way of Sadhana, the inner quality of Sadhana, positive prayer, silence and other things like:

  • Positive prayer

  • Mental Method

  • Peace

  • Peace of Mind

  • How to concentrate mind into a single point

  • The spiritual path and the importance of Guru

  20 minutes

Omkar Mantra

During this session you will be taught about the "Omkar Mantra", the origin of "Omkar Mantra" and how to chant "Omkar Mantra".

This session would cover other important questions also regarding Omkar Mantra which are as follows:

  • Origin of Omkar Mantra
  • Root of Omkar Mantra
  • How to practise Omkar Mantra
  • What are the sequences of practicing Omkar Mantra
  • Benefits of Omkar mantra in human body
                          45  minutes

Body Relaxation

In this session you will be taught regarding relaxing the human body. In this session you will be taught how to relax with the help of vital zones and few simple relaxation techniques by which you can relieve yourselves. Relaxation is necessary for the smooth functioning of the human auto system.

30 minutes

Laughing therapy

Laugh.... as much as you can and clap  - A demonstration would be given to make best out of the laughing session

3 minutes

Pray for World Peace

At last, you will have a prayer session in which you will be taught a simple prayer in the Sanskrit language. This prayer is done for the world peace. This prayer is like this:


and then Salute to mother earth (Dharti Mata)

 2 minutes

  Indo Vacations

The Above Yoga course offered are for groups and as well as individuals. This Yoga Course is also a part of our Ayurveda and Yoga Tour. To enable us to send you more information of the above tour for a group or individual, we need to have the number of participants and the dates as well as if any special wishes from you. (Query)

   Yoga and Ayurveda Tour


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