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Yoga for Travelers

For the travelers and tourists a special yoga programme has been organised. This programme will help them to get the instant relief during their journey and some other benefits as well. Some of the programmes are explained as below:

   Yoga and Ayurveda Tour


Subject Matter

Benefits from the Programme


Physical Exercises

The physical exercises are necessary for toning up of the total body. These exercises should be done as per the health conditions.

2 Breathing                     exercises                      OR     Pranayama

Breathing exercises OR Pranayama is  necessary for the toning up  the Auto Systems of human body  - mainly Respiratory, Circulatory  and the Digestive System.

3 Art of Poses  OR  Yogasanas Under this  various poses or Asanas are to be  helped to tone up the body’s glands, improve flexibilities and keep digestive and other system strong for better way of livinglife.
4 Art of ‘Omn’ chanting

During this prgramme you will be taught how to chant "Om" and practice it. The "Om" chanting provides the following benefits like:

  • Increase in mental frequency
  • Development of memory
  • Concentration of Mind
  • Improvement of Human Aura
  • Vibration of Nerves and their proper functioning
  • Relief from Tension, Stress, Depression
  • Relief from any other muscular or emotional or mental problems


Mud  Therapy & Bath

This Mud Therapy is useful and get lot of benefits for those tourists/travelers who visit the sea coast area or beaches and sometimes utilizing SUN BATH. BECAUSE ...due to traveling or moving from one place to another and also coming out from their  normal daily routine life the different food systems and climate at different places, toxins are being deposited in the body and develop various  diseases in their body. If any person / tourists will take  mud bath, he/she will get more relief, within a short time because deposited toxins will come out  easily from their body and  feel more relaxed. So It is better than sun bath.

Various other benefits of mud therapy are as follows:

  • Detoxification of the total body

  • Improves Circulatory, Nervous and Digestive system

  • Removes skin diseases and allergies, if any


Foot Bath

This Foot bath will help them to get the instant relief or relaxed after whole day hard work, journey/travel. After that can also applied a light massage  through small M/Cs to get more relief and if required, can be checked up the health conditions with the help of Sphygmomanometer. 

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