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Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

General Information about Nahan
932 meters
Area: 2825 square km
Population: 4.58 lakh
Temperature: Max. 38°C Min. 6°C
Clothing: Cotton clothes in Summer and light woolens in winter.
Language: Hindi, Punjabi, English

Information about Nahan
The town of Nahan is situated on an isolated ridge in the Shiwalik hills, overlooking green fields. Nahan is a well laid-out

Nahan Himachal Pradesh

picturesque town, known for its cleanliness and dust free streets. Saint and princes are linked with the origin of Nahan. The city was founded as a capital by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621. As per the another legend, a saint lived with a companion Nahar on the site where the Nahan palace now stands. "Nahar" means a Lion and probably the town takes its name from this saint. Nahan situated at an altitude of 932 meters, is a good base for visits to the surrounding areas like Renuka, Paonta Sahib, Trilokpur temple and the Suketi Fossil Park. The hub of Nahan's activities is Chaugan, Bikram Bagh and Khadar-Ka-Bagh. Gift shops, Rosin and Turpine factory and local temples are among the other major attractions. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and is watered by man made lake and decorated with temples and gardens. It is the headquarter of Sirmaur district.

Festivals of Nahan
Nahan celebrates Bawan Dwadshi towards the end of the monsoon when fifty two idols of local gods are carried in procession to Jagannath temple where they are floated ceremoniously in a pool and are restored at midnight to their niches.

Tourist Attractions in Nahan

The vrious tourist attractions in Nahan are Rani Tal, Suketi Fossil Park, Trilokpur Temple, Dhaula Kuan and Giri Nagar.

Rani Tal
In the heart of Nahan town is Rani Tal, where a large temple and a tank from the days of ex-rulers of Sirmaur State can be seen. Ducks and Cranes are seen playing in the Ranital Tank, and Ranital Garden further adds to the charm.

Suketi Fossil Park

The Suketi Fossil Park is located at a distance of 21 kms. from Nahan, on the bank of Markanda river and is approachable by a link road 4 kms. from Kala-Amb from Haryana. Suketi Fossil Park displays life size fiberglass model of pre-historic animals whose fossil, skeletons were unearthed here. The park is first of its kind in Asia to be developed at the actual site where fossils were discovered. Located on upper and middle Shiwaliks, consisting mainly of soft sandstone and clay rocks, the park at present has six sets of life-size models of Stegodonganesa (extinct grand elephant) Sivatherium, Hexaprotodon-Sivalensis (hippopotamus with six incisors), Colosschelys Atlas (giant land tortoise and chelonia), Paramachaerdus (Sabre Toothed tiger) and Crocodilia the animals which once thrived in the region. The Shiwalik formations contain one of the world's richest collection of mammalian fossils. From a study of these fossils, it has been possible for the paleontologists to probe into the mysteries of evolution of prehistoric life and the climate and environment of these periods which go back to Jurassic era, nearly 8.5 million years ago. The Shiwalik deposits are unsurpassed in the world for the richness of the fauna they entomb. Around this park, plantation work by Horticulture Department has been done which makes the surroundings quite charming. The other major attraction is the Museum which contains various fossils, models, charts and paintings relating to the various aspects of plants and animals life of the past and present in Shiwalik range.

Trilokpur Temple

Trilokpur Temple was built in 1573 by Raja Dip Prakash. It is situated at a distance of 23 kms. from Nahan and 6 kms. from Kala-Amb, the gateway to Nahan from Haryana. Trilokpur is a place of great religious importance. The temple of the goddess Mahamaya Bala Sundri is very famous and attracts lakhs of pilgrims from all over Northern India, especially from Haryana and Himachal. A fair is held twice an year during the Navratras in April and October when a large number of devotees visit this temple and pay their respects to the goddess.

Dhaula Kuan

Dhaula Kuan is located on the road to Paonta Sahib, about 20 kms. from Nahan. It is worth while to stop and see a sprawling orchard consisting of citrus plants and mangoes and a fruit canning factory of various kinds of juices, jams, pickles and canned fruits. A little away from Dhaula Kuan is Kastasan Devi temple where Raja Jagat Singh defeated the advancing army of Rulam Quadir Rohilla in a great battle. Their victory is commemorated in the Devi Temple, built in gratitude by the Raja. Dhaula Kuan also has a research station of HP KVV where useful research on tropical fruits is carried out.

Giri Nagar

Giri Nagar is situated at a distance of 7 kms. from Dhaula Kuan. This town has a power house of 60 MW capacity constructed after diverting the Giri river through a 6 kms. tunnel.

How to reach Nahan
By Rail

The nearest railway stations are Ambala, Chandigarh and Kalka which are connected by a regular bus service.

By Road

Nahan is approachable from many directions by road via Dehra Dun through Paonta Sahib, and via Solan from Shimla. There are regular bus services linking it to the other towns like Manali, Delhi and Haridwar.


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