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Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh


Paonta Sahib is a city sacred to the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Situated on the Yamuna River, Paonta Sahib is a bustling township with growing industries. It is one of the important places for the Sikhs. It retains tangible memories of Guru Gobind Singh in the form of his weapons and a majestic Gurudwara. It recalls his presence even in the name of the city which is derived from Paonta meaning "foot", either because he set foot on this place or, according to an alternate story, he lost an ornament which he wore on his foot called "Paonta" while

Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh
bathing in the Yamuna river.

Legend surrounds the ruins of the old capital of the Raja. Sirmouri Tal, not very far from Paonta Sahib was destroyed by the curse of a court dancer when the Raja went back on an oath to give half of this kingdom in case she crossed a narrow gorge on a rope. She did but the wily Raja offered her the entire kingdom if she could dance her way back. She started back but as she was half way across, he cut the rope hurling the helpless girl into the stream. Floods followed which swept away the city, the Raja and the royal house, as a result of dancer's curse. Vishawkarma temple and few other Hindu temples are also located in Paonta Sahib. The water of river Yamuna is being dammed down stream of Paonta which will soon have a water reservoir where water sports will be organised.

Tourist Attractions in Paonta Sahib

The main tourist attraction in Paonta Sahib is Gurudwara. The other attractions in Paonta Sahib are Sahastra Dhara, Khodra Dak Pathar, Kafota and various other temples.


Overlooking the Yamuna river is the Gurudwara where Guru Gobind Singh held court and wrote the major portion of the Dassam Granth. On the river bank behind the gurudwara stands the historical temple of Yamuna ji, and besides it the Ma Yamuna Bal Park which has a huge statue of goddess Yamuna and busts of Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Dr. Y.S. Parmar, the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. Next to the Park, a gorgeous replica of the Sanchi Ashoka Pillar overlooking the town and the river Yamuna can be seen. On the other side of Yamuna

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

river is Uttar Pradesh.

Other Temples

Other places of interest around Paonta Sahib are the Patanjali Jyotirlinga Temple, said to have been worshipped by Maharishi Patanjali, a disciple of Maharishi Vyas-the author of epic Mahbharat. Shiva temple at Shivpuri (8 kms.), Bhadarkali temple and Tirgarhi gurudwars at Bhagani and Gangvaha Tirth across the Yamuna where Gangaji crossed over the Yamuna bank to please Rishi Gautam, the husband of the legendary Sati Ahilya. On The Himachal side of the Yamuna Bank near Gangavaha Tirth is Rampur Ghat, which legend associates with the crossing of river Yamuna by Lord Ram on a boat. At Paonta Sahib, to the right of Yamuna bridge, stands the Dei-Ka-Mandir, constructed about a century ago by the sister of the then Raja of Sirmaur to propitiate Lord Ram, the family deity of the Suryavanshi Sirmauri Rulers.

Sahastra Dhara

At Sahastra Dhara, there is a confluence of river Yamuna and Tons. This is a beautiful place and a paradise for tourists. Nearby is village Kalsi, 25 kms. from here, which was the old capital of Sirmaur. At this place there is an Ashok Rock Edict which is worth a visit.

Khodra Dak Pathar

Khodra Dak Pathar is beautiful picnic spot just 25 kms. from Paonta. There is a beautiful park, a swimming pool and a tourist bungalow. At this place the torrential river Yamuna has been tamed into an artificial lake. While going from Paonta to Khodri one will be delighted to have the canal side drive. Chhibran power house is a unique sight to see as the entire structure has been built underground.


Situated at a height of 1804 meters and 42 kms. from Paonta Sahib on Jagadhari-Markanda road, is village Kafota which has a salubrious climate and hold potential for picnic. There is a PWD Rest House for comfortable stay. 18 kms. from Paonta Sahib is Rajban Cement Factory. A few kms. from Rajban is Kamrau, the biggest village of Sirmaur district known for rich lime stone quarries. At this place there is a Tilordhar Tibetan Colony with its Buddisht monastery, but the most beautiful one is at Purnwala on way to Bhajain. The Tibetan presence here has resulted in beautiful Tibetan artifacts especially carpets being manufactured for marketing.

Hw to reach Paonta Sahib

Paonta Sahib is easily approachable from Nahan. One can also come from other route by bus or car/taxi connecting Dehradun, Haridwar and Shimla.


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