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Spiti Attractions, Himachal Pradesh


Tourist Attractions in Spiti
The main tourist attraction in Spiti are the monasteries. The Dhankar Monastery, Tabo Monastery, Ki Monastery are some of the famous monasteries which are found in Spiti. The other places which can be visited in Spiti are Thang Yug Gompa, Kungri Gompa, Kunzam Pass, Losar, Kaza and Kibber.


Ki Monastery
Ki Monastery is situated 12 kms. north of Kaza and serves the western population of Spiti. It is the oldest and biggest monastery of the valley and located above Kye village. It houses beautiful scriptures and paintings of Buddha and other goddesses. Lamas practice dance, sing and play on pipes and horns. Many Lamas get religious training here. It has murals and books of high aesthetic value.

Thang Yug Gompa
Thang Yug Gompa is located 13 kms. above Kaza serving western part of central Spiti.

Ki Monastery Spiti

Situated in a secluded place in the narrow gauge of Kaza Nallah, it generally has a Lama from Tibet. Above this there is a long plateau which leads to Shilla peak.

Kungri Gompa
Kungri Gompa is situated in the Pin valley about 10 kms. from Attargo where Spiti river has to be crossed to enter Pin valley.

Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery is situated about 25 kms. east of Kaza and serves eastern part of central Spiti. Dhankar is a big village and erstwhile capital of Spiti Kingdom. On top of a hill there is a fort which used to be the prison in olden times. The Monastery has about 100 Lamas and collection of Buddhist scriptures in Bhoti language. Principal figure is a Statue of " Vairochana" (Dhayan Buddha) consisting of 4 complete figures seated back to back. It has relics in the shape of paintings and sculptures.

Tabo Monastery
Tabo Monastery is another big Gompa serving the population of eastern side. Tabo monastery, the 1000 year old monastery, is the Spitiís most sacred monastery. It belongs to the tenth century and is located 50 kms. from Kaza. This monastery is a treasure house of art and was built at the initiative of the great teacher Rinchen Tsang Po in 996, the Tibetan Year of the Fire Ape. It is a famous Gompa next to Tholing Gompa in Tibet. It has about 60 Lamas and a large collection of Scriptures, wall paintings etc. Murals of this Gompa have a great similarity to that of the Ajanta paintings.


Kunzam Pass
As Rohtang pass is a gateway to Lahaul so Kunzum pass is the gateway to Spiti from Kulu and Lahaul. After crossing Rohtang pass and driving 20 kms, one has to turn right from Gramphoo. While going to this pass, the panoramic view of Bara-Sigri glacier (second longest glacier in the world) is thrilling and inspiring. There is a temple at the top of this pass dedicated to goddess

Kunzam Pass Spiti

Durga. After seeing this pass one can drive to Batal for a night stay in the Rest House.  The view from the top is breathtaking. On one side is the Spiti valley and to the other are various Chandra-Bhaga range peaks. On way back from Gramphoo one can either return to Manali (71 kms.) or can go to Leh via Keylong, Darcha, Baralacha la, Sarchu, Tanglang la by road. From Tandi (8 kms. short of Keylong) one can also drive to Pangi valley along the Chenab river to Udaipur, Trilokinath and Tindi and thereafter by trekking to Killar and from Killar to Chamba or to Kishtwar-Jammu-Delhi.

Losar is situated near the confluence of Losar and Peeno streams. Losar is the first big village and worth visiting place. Yak and horse riding are other charms that add to its beauty and a unique experience.


Kaza is situated about 224 kms. from Manali, 197 kms. from Keylong and 425 kms. from Shimla. Kaza is a sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti Valley. It is situated at the foot of the step ridges on the left bank of Spiti river. Once it was the headquarters of Nono, the chief of Spiti. It has all modern facilities and is connected by road with Manali and Shimla except in the winter months.


Kibber, locally known as Khyipur, is one of the highest villages in the world at an altitude of 4205 meters above sea level. This village is situated in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains from all sides. Gette village, at a short distance away from Kaza, is the highest in the world with a height of 4270 m.


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