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Gandhinagar, Gujarat
About Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital of the state of Gujarat in Western India. Gandhinagar is situated about 25 kms from Ahmedabad. Gandhinagar is located on the west bank of the Sabarmati River. Akshardham temple is situated in Gandhinagar.

History of Gandhinagar

King Pethasinh of Pethapur was the ruler of Shertha town in the 13th century. After his death this town was used for the purpose of battle. Sultan Ahmed Shah decided to shift his capital from Patan to a new city, and founded the city of Ahmedabad.

The state of Bombay was divided into 2 separate areas - Gujarat and Maharashtra in the year 1960. Ahmedabad became capital of Gujarat, and a new capital city was to be founded which was once part of Pethapur state.

The New Capital city was planned and developed by Architect, H.K. Mewada and his assistant Prakash M Apte. The roads of Gandhinagar are numbered and have cross streets named for letters of the Gujarati alphabet. The city of Gandhinagar was developed in 4 different phases. 

Climate of Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar experiences tropical wet and dry climate.

Summer Season
The climate of Gandhinagar is very hot from March to June. During this time the maximum temperature varies from 36 to 42 °C and the minimum temperature varies from 19 to 27 °C.   

Winter Season
The climate of Gandhinagar is very pleasant during the daytime in winters while at nights the climate is very chilling during the months of December to February. 

Monsoon Season
Gandhinagar experiences a humid climate from mid-June to mid-September. The average annual rainfall is around 803.4 mm.

Tourist attractions in Gandhinagar

Important tourist attractions in Gandhinagar are:

Akshardham Temple
Akshardham Temple is situated in Gandhinagar. It is made up of pink stones with statues. It is enclosed by fountains and gardens.

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell is situated about 20 kms from Gandhinagar. It was founded by Queen Rudabai in 1499 A.D. The stepwell is intricately carved and is several stories in depth. Its walls and pillars are decorated with flowers, birds, fish, leaves and other attractive patterns.

Deer Park
Deer park also known as Indroda Park is a large section which is situated in the village of Indroda.  It has various parts such as a snake park, birds park, Jurassic Park theme, deer park, etc. It contains Dinosaurs Park where large sculptures of diverse Dinosaurs which are are kept with a brief description. Snake park has various local snakes which are mostly available in Gujarat and the nearby areas. There is also an aquarium inside the park.

Children's Park
Children's Park is one of the prominent tourist attraction for childrens and tourists. The Children's Park has a lake with boating facilities and a small train for kids. The park also has an amusement park / tricycle ground for children and adults with amusement rides like brake dance, moon walker etc.

GIFT City Tower
GIFT City Tower is the Tallest Building of Gujarat. It is the first tower to be to built inside the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) that is being planned as a global center for financial services.

Mahatma Mandir
Mahatma Mandir is situated at sector 13. It is named as Mahatma Mandir but is not a shrine. It is exibitory area of industrial and economic development of the state.

Craftsmen's Village, Pethapur
Craftsmen's Village is situated about 8 kms from Gandhinagar, in Pethapur Village on the banks of Sabarmati River. Craftsmen's Village is the dwelling of various craftsmen mainly ho belong to Gujjar Suthar cast. The Village was recognized with the name Craftsmen’s Village because it has houses of a large number of craftsmen.

Sarita Udyan
Sarita Udyan is situated on the bank of Sabarmati River, it is a beautiful garden with a sight of the river. It has a botanical garden.

Punit Van
Punit Van is a botanical garden which contains a blend of Botanical Garden depending on Zodiac signs and an auditorium.

How to Reach Gandhinagar

By Rail
Gandhinagar Railway Station is located in Sector 14. Many trains running on the western zones passes through Gandhinagar. Ahmedabad Railway Station in Kalupur Ahmedabad is the nearby railway station from Gandhinagar which is about 24 kms far away from Gandhinagar.  Ahmedabad Railway Station is well connected with all the major cities and towns of India.

By Road
Gandhinagar is well connected by road through some important cities like Jaipur, Udaipur , Chandigarh, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

By Air
From Gandhinagar the nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport which is situated in Ahmedabad at a distance of about 20 kms far away from Gandhinagar and is well connected with all the major cities of India.  It also provides a many International flights from Ahmedabad to all over the world.


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