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Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

About Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary
Wild Ass, Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

The entire Little Rann of Kutch, also known as the Indian Wild Ass wildlife sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. This is the only sanctuary in India which is the home of the Asiatic wild ass and covers an area of 4850 square km. This sanctuary consists of a vast area of flat land that is dotted with islands known as "Baits" which form the core for the flora and fauna. The Asiatic wild ass is one of the Gujarat’s many endemic species. In India, the Indian wild ass represents the horse tribe. In the Little Rann of Kutch, these wild ass are attracted by the baits or islands where coarse grasses spring up in monsoon. But in summer, these ass move to these baits where there is regular supply of water and grass.

Wildlife Attractions in the Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

The main wildlife attraction in the Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is the wild ass. Besides the wild ass, the rare and endangered Ghudkhur, Jungle Cat, Desert Cat, Chinkara gazelle, Nilgai antelope, the endangered Indian wolf, jackal, desert and Indian foxes, hare, desert gerbil and pale and long eared hedgehog are the various animals which are found in the Little Rann of Kutch. In winter, the Little Rann of Kutch becomes a birds paradise that attracts about three hundred varieties of dryland birds like the houbara bustard, spotted sandgrouse, common and demmossile cranes, flamingoes, pelicans, ducks, storks, ibises and other wetland birds.

Blackbuck, Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

Falcons, Larks, desert warbler, desert wheatear, quails, francolins, Indian courser and other birds are also available in plenty in the Little Rann of Kutch. It is also the hunting ground of various raptors like the eagles, falcon, harrier, vultures, white eyed buzzard, hawks, kites and owlets. Lizards, Snakes, tortoises and saw scaled viper are some of the principal reptiles that are also found in this sanctuary.


Jungle Safari in the Park

Watch towers, a tourist complex and other tourist related facilities are also available to enhance wildlife viewing in this unique habitat. To view the wildlife one can have a jeep safari in the Rann of Kutch. In the morning and evening one can also view the breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

Best time to Visit the Park
The best time to visit the Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is between November and June.

Other attractions in the Park
Besides the safaris, one can also visit the ancient monuments and inland salt works and other places of interest. One can also enjoy the excursion to a typical Saurashtra village, handloom weaving and dyeing units and the village potter. For people interested in birds and photography, special camouflaged boats are also provided.

How to get here

By Air:
The nearest airport is located at Ahmedabad, which is about 110 kms.

By Rail:
The nearest railway stations are located at Virangam and Ahmedabad, which are about 110 and 45 kms. respectively.

By Road:
The Indian Wild Ass wildlife sanctuary is connected to various cities in Gujarat.

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