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Wellness through Ayurveda Treatment in India

The word Ayurveda refers to a combination of two literal words. The word 'ayur' means 'containing life' & the word 'veda' means 'to know about it'.
Ayurveda means the "science of life". It originated in India more than 5,000 years back and is believed to be the oldest healing Science in existence, from which all other systems emerged. Pronounced "Aa-your-vay-da", it is an ancient healing system which has three main focuses:

Healing illness. Prevention of disease. Longevity or age reversal.

Ayurveda gives a divine prevention from diseases and a holy contentment to the life of an individual . In short, Ayurveda simply explains the laws of nature that cause disease Physically it leads to dry skin, gas & constipation. Ayurveda notes that certain foods increase air and other foods reduce air. In general, excess air is reduced by eating cooked or steamed foods, and eating every three or four hours. Foods like carrots, rice and moong beans reduce excess air. The persons having fire constitution are said to have Pita Dosh & tend towards more of heat & warmth. The balanced fire constitution leads to strength, commanding capacity & goal oriented people. If the constitution is imbalanced it leads to hot temperament & irritability; Physically it develops heat related disorders such as acne, rashes, diarrhea, ulcers, 

toxic blood, liver, kidney, gall bladder, heart and spleen disorders. The balanced water constitution leads to strong, muscular, calm & loyal people.
The imbalance makes a person lethargic or greedy in nature; Physically they develop congestion. The theory behind the Ayurveda involved millions of years of study & dedication. According to this theory; the life of an individual is considered to be a combination of three elements such as Air, Water and Fire. All the individuals are prone to either of these constituents & develop themselves accordingly.


Ayurveda gives 5 main therapies to prevent the various diseases :
By having Herbs & proper balanced nutrition the diseases can be prevented.
Touch: The touch therapy involves applying massage (abhyanga), yoga and exercise.
Smell: Aromatherapy gives a better prevention.
Sight: Color therapy. By having a look at the varied natural sights, different colours and the environmental pictures.
Hearing: Music therapy, mantra meditation, chanting. Spiritual therapies include meditation, living ethically, and working in a career that one loves or is purposeful

Ayurveda offers therapies for each of the five senses because different people learn better through different senses. Thus according to Ayurveda health is maintained by keeping a balance of the constituents. Balancing produces healing, prevention, and reverses the ageing process. Thus many uncomfortable conditions such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and weight problems can be corrected by simple and natural ways through Ayurvedic procedures.

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India Ayurveda Packages cost
(please click on the Resort name or image to know the details and cost of Ayurveda Packag

Beach and Lake Resort - Kovalam

The Beach and Lake Resort is a small privately owned Ayurvedic Resort situated near the famous Kovalam beach in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. This resort is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Parvathi Puthanar and Karamana rivers on an island. The resort is not actually on an island but rather at the end of an estuary and can be accessed only by the boat. On one side of the resort are the backwaters,  

Coconut Bay Beach Resort - Trivandrum

Coconut Bay Resort is a secluded beach resort nestled amidst a lush coconut grove with its own private beach. This resort is a distinctive beach resort with unmatched classic charm, natural beauty and fine quality services. The beautiful, uncrowded beach is located just 25 meters from the resort, where you can lounge in shaded comfort, bask in the golden sunshine, or thrill to the exhilarating surf. The beach resort is an 

Devaaya Ayurveda Nature Cure Centre - Goa

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre has been set up by Victor M. Albuquerque, founder of the Alcon Victor Group in Goa.

This Accommodation in Goa is situated in Divar Island – just 10 kms from Panaji – (Goa’s capital city), it is set on a lush five acre property amidst swaying palms

Erandia Marari Beach Resort - Kerela

Erandia Marari Ayurveda Beach Resort is situated in Kerala, South India, this resort lies directly on Marari Beach, it is one of the most attractive beaches in whole of India. Erandia Marari Beach Resort is a barefoot resort.  Any guest, who feels like taking off his or her shoes for the whole stay, is invited to do so. Walking in the sand barefoot leads to an amazing, relaxing                

Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village - Trivandrum

The rustic-style houses resting on the slopes of the hillock gives the atmosphere of a village life. The paved path amid coconut trees and green pastures lined with yellow marigolds makes it feel like a passage to rejuvenation. The calm sea and the cool breeze accentuate the fond memories to take home. No hustle and bustle of daily life... No distractions or worries…                                                                               

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Cochin - Kerala

Nagarjuna's full-fledged Ayurvedic Centre located on the banks of the river Periyar at Kalady in Kerala, provides a complete range of Ayurvedic Treatments strictly conforming to the traditional practices. Kalady is world renowned as the birthplace of the great Indian Philosopher Sankaracharya and where the vibrations of the past are still felt. The place provides the right ambiance for a suitable sojourn in harmony with nature and 

Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort Thrissur - Kerala

Looking for a laid back holiday? Come to the luxuriant greens and disarming beaches by the Arabian Sea in Kerala. Come home to The Nattika Beach Resort. Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, in Nattika, the resort is only about 90 minutes drive from Cochin International Airport. Promoted by the same set of entrepreneurs who are known for their exemplary hospitality in their maiden venture, Coconut Bay at 

Soma Kerala Palace - Cochin

What makes Soma Kerala Palace different from other holiday resorts is its ancient architecture which is recreated using master pieces, about 250 years old, disbanded from their actual site. Classical art forms such as Koodiyattom, Thulall and Padayani, performed by veterans of the art, form a part of the Kalaa Sandhya (Cultural Evening) which was once a means of entertainment for the royalty.                                

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort - Trivandrum

World's First Ayurveda Resort
Somatheeram, welcomes you to the world of authentic ayurveda. A serene aryurvedic resort by the sea in South India. Here you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic therapy as well as Yoga in a blissfully peaceful environment.
Somatheeram, the world’s first Ayurvedic resort, is one of the best tourism  

Sree Sankara Gardens Periyar - Kerala

Ayurveda, which means "Knowledge of Life" is perhaps the most ancient Science of Health known to man. Ayurveda has its roots deep in Nature but it evolved through centuries of research by sages determined to unearth the secrets of Nature for the benefit of suffering mankind. It advocates a life in tune with Mother Nature . and when Man, by going against Nature, opens the gateway to diseases, Ayurveda          

Soma Palmshore Beach Resort - Kovalam

Somapalmshore is a peaceful holiday resort on the beach, Soma Palmshore has offer a lot to do, you need to take a break from the routine life to relax, to refresh and to enjoy every moment. Somapalmshore is situated at Kovalam Light House Beach in Kerala, which is famous all over the world for its beach, the sun, the sand and the waves, Soma Palmshore offers a lot more                

You may like to send you wished dates and we would check if we could make you a very special Ayurveda offer with discounts / or extra services included !

More Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala & in other Indian States
(please send us an Email to know the details and cost of the Ayurveda Package in the particular Resort)

Hotel Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom

Hotel Coconut Lagoon is the heritage lakeside resort located in Kumarakom. This resort is reachable only by the water. It nestles along one shore of the Vembanad lake, covering an area of 175 square km and nicely set on an abandoned coconut plantation in the very heart of these fascinating backwaters. This hotel provided visitors an authentic experience of Kerala and its backwaters. Condé Nast Traveller has rated the  

Kadavu Resort Calicut - Kerala

Welcome to Kadavu a Five star property having best of all facilities and comforts. A unique blend of Mappila and Hindu culture aesthetically designed and decorated. This luxurious Resort cum business hotel is located in a sprawling nine acre plot along the side of the backwaters, a charming location with groves of swaying, graceful coconut palms facing the dancing ripples on the water. Its unique and languorous        

Kadappuram Beach Resort - Kadappuram

Kadappuram Beach Resort is an eco friendly environment in a virgin golden sand beach in Trichur. Kadappuram Beach  is just 225 meters away, and separated from the hillock on which the resort is perched, by a picturesque canal. The wide and long golden sand beach is only two hundred meters from the cottages in the same compound. The beach is clean and long. Deep sea fishing, beach Volleyball or badminton are the      

Keraleeyam Resort - Alleppey

Keraleeyam is an Ayurvedic Health Resort located at a very beautiful spot on the banks of the Vembanad lake in Alleppey. This resort faces a very long stretch of backwaters. The elegant palm trees line up the front side and back of Keraleeyam. The Keraleeyam Resort is housed in an ancient Kerala home built about 70 years ago. The architecture, interiors, furnishings, cutlery and dress code of the service staff all recreates 

Marari Beach Resort - Mararikulam

The Marari Beach resort is a beachside resort, spread expansively across 25 acres of land. The Marari Beach Resort is one of the 5 Star deluxe hotels in Mararikulam. The resort is separated from the sea by a windbreak of stretching palms. Marari originates from "Mararikulam", one of the local fishing villages. The village of Mararikulam is tucked away behind a line of dense palms that rise like a sudden rampart of green    

Akhil Beach Resort - Kovalam (Formerly Known as Preeth Beach Resort)

Tucked away from the strains of the metros, this resort at Varkala, 54 kms away from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, offers stizing mix of pleasure and piety. The placid waters of the beach nearby, with the cliffs standing sentinel to the activities all around, it would definitely be the pick of the pack available at the environs of the beach, touted one of the top 10 seasonal beaches of the world by Discovery Channel.

Surya Samudra Beach Garden - Trivandrum

Surya Samudra Beach Garden was earlier a single octagonal stone house. But today, it has grown into an eco-friendly beach resort which is spread over nearly 20 acres of private space. Surya Samudra Beach Garden is situated on a rocky surface between two deserted beaches. It is a very spacious and lush green resort. This is a place like dreaming in the silence with the sun and the roar of the waves.                        

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort Kottayam - Kerala

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort is located perfectly in the midst of green paddy fields and swaying palms in an ideal location surrounded by an ayurvedic garden and scenic backwaters. The resort is built with traditional wood put together in an ethnic framework which is not only unusual but a form of ancient style which is truly a feast for the eyes. Our welcome block at the entrance which houses the reception,                      

Vythiri Resort - Wayanad

An exquisite eco friendly jungle getaway in the heart of Wyanad in north western Kerala. Wrapped in the lush embrace of a tropical rainforest, you will dwell in perfect harmony with nature, pristine and waiting to be explored. Allow yourself to be seduced by the orchestration of delicate, subtle sounds accompanying nature's theatre. Quietly elegant and exclusive, the Vythri Resort is a state of mind with breathtaking vistas.      

Ananda In The Himalayas - Uttaranchal

Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, close to the mythological cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, surrounded by graceful Sal forests, overlooking the peaceful Ganga as it meanders into the distance, Ananda is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul. It is not just a retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining 

Ayurveda Mana Resort - Kerala

MANA - The traditional house of Namboothiries (Keralite Brahmins).
Poomully mana, having history of over 500 years was considered to be one of the richest and powerful namboothiri families in Kerala. Poomully Mana was reconstructed in 1850 by Shri. Poomully Narayanan Nampoothiripadu. Poomully Mana’s members were famous for practicing Ayurveda , Kalari, Yoga and other performing Arts.   

Dukes Forest Lodge Ponmudi - Trivandrum

Perched on the edge of a 130 acre Rubber Plantation(Riverside Estate) fringing the Pepara wildlife sanctuary- which is a habitat to a wide variety of endangered flora and fauna in Southern Kerala, Duke's Forest Lodge is a perfect hideaway to delight in Mother Nature's bounty to "God's Own Country".
The lodging consists of ethnically designed well spaced out independent Pool 

Nikki's Nest Vizhinjam - Trivandrum

A palm fringed hillock gently sloping down to a warm and inviting sandy beach surf washed by the invigorating swells of the Arabian Sea. The setting is picture perfect, the view marvellous and the ambience rustic yet irresistible and laidback. Welcome to Nikki's Nest! Located off an ancient fishing village at Vizhinjam on the south-western sea board of the Indian peninsula, Nikki's Nest is only a stone's-throw away from   

Estuary Island Resort Poovar - Trivandrum

Estuary Island Resort (a unit of Thomas Hotels & Resorts), a beachside heaven where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet to form an exotic land of scenic beauty offers 71 rooms, with a range of accommodation facilities perfect for all kind of visitors. The serene tropical decor of rooms feature all modern amenities. With the best panoramic view of the natural wonder, Estuary, set amidst four-and-a-half tropical acres 

Geethanjali Ayurveda Modom - Trivandrum

The Geethanjali centre is located in the federal state of Kerala on the Northern outskirt of Trivandrum, in the village of Chittattumukku which is located at a 30 minutes drive from the international airport. The Geethanjali centre has been set up in a residential area, but neither at the sea side nor near the backwaters.
Adjacent to the residential premises with the doctor’s surgery a ‘madom’, 

Harivihar Ayurvedic Heritage Home - Calicut

Harivihar or Abode of the Divine is where you can pause, reflect and restore the harmony and balance of your inner rhythms.
Situated in Calicut, part of the historic Malabar province, the gateway through which Europe, led by Vasco Da Gamma, entered the fabled Indies – Harivihar offers its guests the unparalleled experience of living in a heritage homestead surrounded by

Kalari Kovilakom Palakkad - Kerala

Kalari Kovilakom is the Palace for Ayurveda, perhaps the first and only one of its kind. Its face is the face of the warrior-king, elegant and expansive. But its heart is that of a sage, offering a deep healing, a doorway to the union of the mind, body and spirit.
If the old legends are to be believed, healing is part of Kalari's very soul. Stories are told of a Prince who came to the foothills of Kerala's Annamalai Hills around the

Neeleshwar Hermitage - Kerala

A hidden tropical destination in northern Kerala beside the Arabian Sea, Neeleshwar Hermitage is one of India's finest gems.
Neeleshwar radiates tranquility. Away from the main tourist trail, this is Kerala at it's most organic. The Hermitage has captured the essence of authentic India: her friendliness, hospitality & philosophy. There is a real sense of entering a utopia detached

Orange County Coorg - Karnataka

When you step into the portals of Orange County, Coorg, you leave one world behind, and step seamlessly into another: the bygone era of the Gentleman Planter, ensconced in the cocooned comforts of a lush plantation paradise, perfumed with the subtly intoxicating aroma of coffee and spice.
Bordered by the legendary river Cauvery, and surrounded by virginal forests,  

Orange County Kabini - Karnataka

The legend and romance of Kabini plays out in a theatre called Nagarhole, and revolves around a pristine river called Kabini (originally Kapila) that snakes its way through the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka, and forms an aqueous boundary with the Bandipur National Park.
Together, this area constitutes the largest contiguous forest cover in this part 

Poovar Island Resort - Trivandrum

Enveloped in serene Kerala backwaters, flanked by the Arabian Sea on the East and the majestic towering Ghats to the West, opening out to the ocean and a dream golden beach, Poovar Island Resort is a tropical paradise. Swaying coconut palms, endless golden sands, the ultramarine of the ocean, emerald backwaters, crimson sunsets and lush green vegetation create a magical ambience around you. It is the ideal    

Rajah Beach Resort - Kerala

Rajah Beach is a health resort situated by the seaside at Akalad, Kerala, India, offering Ayurveda therapy and Ayurvedic rejuvenation packages.
Spacious air conditioned rooms and cottages make stay for our guests comfortable. Each room has large windows through which you have a spectacular view of the surroundings.          

Rajah Healthy Acres - Kerala

Rajah Healthy Acres is an Ayurvedic hospital with facilities of a resort, situated in the countryside of Kerala, India, on a vast hilly terrain. The hospital offers treatment for various illnesses as well as rejuvenation therapy for healthy people wanting to cleanse and refresh their body and mind.
Resident doctors and cordial and friendly staff makes the guest feel at home 

Rajah Island Resort - Kerala

Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals has two Ayurveda centers, one of them being Rajah Islands. The other center, Rajah Healthy Acres is situated on a 180 acre area on a hilly terrain in Kerala, India and offers Ayurveda related services and also manufactures Ayurvedic medicines and related products.
Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals would soon be having one more Ayurvedic center

Shreyas Retreat - Bangalore

Recognized as one of the finest Yoga retreats in the world, Shreyas is dedicated to promoting the authentic spiritual tradition of Yoga, in an environment normally associated with an exclusive star hotel. We endeavour to embody the spiritual tradition of Athithi devo Bhava (serving the Guest as an embodiment of the Divine) and the staff at Shreyas are trying to practice all facets of Yoga in their daily lives. At Shreyas, you get  

Spice Village Periyar - Kerala

Set amidst spice plantations, Thekkady – Periyar is more known for its Periyar Wildlife Reserve. Spice Village,Thekkady – Periyar, Kerala is just a stone's throw away from the game reserve and comprises of individual cottages set amidst a landscaped spice garden. Spice Village. Just a mirror, held up to an age old culture and a living harmony. This is the tribal village, reborn for the modern traveller. Curling around a         

Swaswara Gokarna - Karnataka

Swa’ in Sanskrit means ‘the self ‘‘Swara’ refers to sound.
We live, unaware of the inner sound of our being, drowned out as it is by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace can we hear it. That's why we've made sure, that the shouts of the modern world die down to whispers, at SwaSwara.       

Thapovan Heritage Home - Kovalam

Thapovan is nestled within verdant surroundings... just away from the din and bustle of city life. Perched exquisitely on top of a hillock and cliff, the heritage home is bordered by the virgin Nellikunnu beach. It also lies in proximity to other tourist attractions like Kovalam, Thiruvallam and Vellayani.
The cosy shade of swaying coconut palms. The caressing roar of the   

Travancore Heritage Resort - Kovalam

Travancore Heritage, the glistening brand new heritage property of 15 acres built with recreated palaces and 'nalukettus' of vintage Kerala is situated on the pristine beach front of Chowara, south of Kovalam, near Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Travancore Heritage is a venture of Joy's Resorts and Hotels and managed by professionally qualified and experienced team of managers and staff to offer

Turtle On The Beach - Kovalam

Art meeting architecture is unique. Isn’t it art and architecture coming together to give you a unique Asian holiday more special?
Standing tall as a lone beauty along the renowned Eve’s beach at Kovalam Turtle on the beach celebrates art along with sophisticated luxury making it unique and special.
Art defines every space here. Art in wood, stone, glass and in fact every 

Vedic Village Resort - Kolkata

Welcome to Vedic Village. A Spa-Resort which rivals the world's finest in luxury and holistic wellness. It has earned its reputation as one of the best, offering seamless fusion between five-star amenities and ethnic ambience.
Within this ethnic environment nestles a multi-residential Resort. The international standard infrastructure of the Resort facilities represents luxurious comfort  

Actual Ayurvedic Treatments offered by us in India

Shirodhara, Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

Shiro Dhara : Is a treatment process where the patient is made to lie on a special wooden bed after which, the medicated oil/ milk or buttermilk etc. are poured in a prescribed, continuous stream on his head by the therapist who is assisted in this treatment by other therapists to help with the oil application over the body of the therapy taker. Shirodhara treatment is done in absolute silence. It takes you to deep relaxation and in to a balanced state of rest in mind and body. More....

Swedana, Swedana Ayurveda Treatment

Swedana : During this Ayurveda therapy oil is applied to the entire body with a particular type of massage which helps the toxins to move towards the gastro-intestinal tract. Ayurveda oil massage also makes the superficial and deep tissues soft thus helping to remove stress and to nourish the nervous system. Swedana therapy includes many different forms of heat treatment. This ayurveda treatment vitalize your skin and makes it glow.  More....

Nasya, Nasya Ayurveda Treatment

Nasya : Herbal juices, medicated oils etc. are applied through the nose. This Benefits of Nasya are immense and treatment is highly effective for certain kinds of Headaches, Pre-mature graying of hair, clarity to voice, Headaches of various origin. An additional benefit of Nasya therapy, according to Ayurveda, is that it is said to strengthen the mind and intellect. More....

Abhyanga, Abhyanga Ayurveda Treatment

Abhyanga : This is a gentle but firm whole body Ayurveda massage from head to toe using warm medicated oil. Oils are chosen by the Ayurveda expert according to the body nature if individuals. The Abhyanga massage uses herbal essences. Abhyanga massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience as well as used as Ayurveda treatment in certain illness.  More....

Pizhichil, Pizhichil Ayurveda Treatment

Pizhichil : Is a specialized treatment, also known as royal treatment, means the squeezing of a cloth soaked in oil over the body. During this treatment the guest remains in the sitting position  and the medicated oils are then applied over the head and body. Pizhichil Treatment increases the blood circulation, nourishes muscles, nerves tissues and sexual ability. Pizhichil Ayurveda treatment is also effective for Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and general debility. More....

Shiro Vasthi, Shiro Vasthi Ayurveda Treatment

Shiro Vasthi : Certain mixture of the lukewarm herbal oils which are prescribed by the Ayurveda Physician according to the individual body type are poured into a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 60 minutes per day for the time period advised by the Ayurveda physician .The Shiro Vasthi Ayurveda treatment is highly effective for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches. More....

Netra Tarpana, Netra Tarpana Ayurveda Treatment

Netra Tarpana :Netra Tarpana is a special ayurvedic treatment for the eyes to get them relieved from tiredness and improve the eyesight. It is suggested therapy for the professionals who regularly works at Computers etc. where intensive eye sight work is needed. This Ayurveda Treatment for eyes is carried out in combination with face massage and is experienced by our guests as very enjoyable and relaxing. A special treatment in which the eyes are bathed in pure medicated cow's ghee (clear home made butter). More....

Khizi, Khizi Ayurveda Treatment

Khizi : Khizi Ayurvedic Treatment is a complete rejuvenation therapy comprising of synchronized special massage, Herbal Steam Bath etc. This carefully planned health program is directed towards improving vigor and vitality. Kizhi Ayurvedic treatment involves application of special Njavara rice paste. The body is  massaged gently with linen bags filled with Njavara rice cooked well in herbal decoction. Herbal leaves and herbal powders are applied to the whole body.  More....

Pinda Sweda, Pinda Sweda Ayurveda Treatment

Pinda Sveda : Small linen bags filled with a specially prepared mixture are applied locally to relieve pain. The effect of the herbal extracts is to relieve the pain, and to relax and build up the affected area. During Pinda Sveda Ayurveda therapy massaging is done by trained and experienced Ayurveda technicians, using a bag filled with specially medicated special rice. The oil massage is often followed by a herbal steam bath with specially selected medicinal herbs.  More....

Udvarthanam, Udvarthanam Ayurveda Treatment

Udvarthanam : A stimulating massage using special Ayurveda herbal powder mix to reduce cellulite accumulations in the body. Through this treatment the whole body is rejuvenated using an intensive mixture of Ayurvedic powders which breaks up fatty deposits and improve  blood circulation in the body. This is a wonderful treatment for those seeking to achieve a perfectly smooth, blemish-free, gleaming body. A delightful body treatment to remove excess heat from your body. More....

Vashpaswedanam, Vashpaswedanam Ayurveda Treatment

Vashpaswedanam : This is an excellent Ayurveda treatment in which the leaves of medicinal plants are boiled and resulting steam is given to the whole body. This Ayurveda treatment is helpful in removing the  impurities from the body, reducing fat and also helpful to recover from some skin diseases. This Ayurvedic Therapy is a part of the Panchakarma procedures. This Ayurveda treatment is helpful in to remove the  impurities from the body, reducing fat and also helpful to recover from some skin diseases.More....

Body Care, Body Care in Ayurveda

Body Care : Ayurveda Body purification or Shodhan Chikitsa is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance based on the panchkarma theory of Ayurveda. Face pack, herbal cream massage, herbal oil massage, intake of herbal tea and steam bath are recommended. This treatment increases the skin complexion, skin tone for long term and strengthen all systems in the body ! Ayurveda Body purification or Shodhan Chikitsa is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance. More....

Urovasthi, Urovasthi Ayurveda Treatment

Urovasthi : A mixture specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the chest and retained inside an herbal paste boundary for 45 minutes. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage enriches the blood and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues. A stimulating and therapeutic treatment for muscular chest pain. It is a beautiful experience that boosts the neuro-muscular system and connective tissues. More....

Basti, Basti Ayurveda Treatment

Basti : Ayurvedic Basti involves the introduction into the rectum of herbal concoctions of sesame oil, and certain herbal preparations in a liquid medium. Basti, is the most effective treatment of Vata disorders, although many enemas over a prescribed period of time are usually required. This procedure can be applied for a number of days based on the medical condition of a person. The toxins accumulated in the lower part of the body are pushed to the lower digestive tract, urinary tract or reproductive tract. More....


Ayurveda FAQ

 - Why should I go for Ayurveda, allopathay is faster to give relief ?
Any healing medicine system useful to mankind and helping in curing the diseases should be respected and recommended further. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to mankind – it is not be it not only treats the disease but treats the patients mentally as well as physically. It is a natural therapy which intend to treat the causes than the symptoms. Contents used in Ayurveda are mostly herbs, parts of plants, trees and other natural substances hence it has no side effect or any complications, whereas other system of medicine has lots of side effects and several complications.

- I want to know more about Panchkarma therapy.
Ayurveda gives 5 main therapies to prevent the various diseases :

Taste: By having Herbs & proper balanced nutrition the diseases can be prevented.
Touch: The touch therapy involves applying massage (abhyanga), yoga and exercise.
Smell: Aromatherapy gives a better prevention.
Sight: Color therapy. By having a look at the varied natural sights, different colours and the environmental pictures.
Hearing: Music therapy, mantra meditation, chanting. Spiritual therapies include meditation, living ethically, and working in a career that one loves or is purposeful.

Ayurveda offers therapies for each of the five senses because different people learn better through different senses. Thus according to Ayurveda health is maintained by keeping a balance of the constituents. Balancing produces healing, prevention, and reverses the ageing process.  More Details of Panchkarma therepaies are available at: Ayurveda Therapy Packages

- I want to know about the reliability of the Ayurveda Physician you are associated with.
Our Ayurveda Physicians are having the high qualification like MD in Ayurveda. There are well versed with Sanskrit which is normally  used to describe the herbs and plants in authentic Ayurveda. We have a team of Ayurveda practitioners which are all experts in their fields of Panchkarma & Traditional Ayurvedic Herbal treatment having degrees from reputed and recognized institutes.

- I am having too much of stress due to my private problems. Could you suggest me safe Ayurveda medication for Stress without any side effects?
Ayurveda Therapy Packages have proved to be successful to combat this disease. There some herbs also to be used. It's unique composition of Ashwagandha, Jatamansi and Brahmi not only gaurd against ill effects of stress but would also rejuvenate your body, increases memory, strengthens the mind and helps to cope with exhaustion, overwork and fatigue. These herbs are prescribed by our Ayurveda Docros.

-  Are Ayurvedic medicines safe and  free of side effects?
 Ayurvedic medicines are natural and safe and do not have side effects since they are prepared form herbs & minerals. However the imported part is the proper processing therefore you should get the medications only from reliable sources of manufacturing.

-  What is TRIDOSHA?
TRIDOSHA is the most important concept of Ayurveda. Basically the whole treatments applied in Ayurveda are according to Your Tridosha. In other words depending on your body constitution. Every individual  has a specific and different Body types from other.  Ayurveda also suggests the intake of food and way of living according to your body type and these concepts are cleared in Tri Dosha. More information on Ayurveda Tridosha is available at:

 - What is Chyavanprash ? Is Ayurvedic Chyanprash a good health supplement for general health problems ?
In Ayurveda Chyawanprash is considered at the best known and most trusted health tonic. It is based on over two thousand year old formula which was documented by sage Charaka in Charaka Samhita in the 4th century BC (which is the most important source of all the Ayurvedic information). Our Chyanparash are prepared from more than over 40 plants, fruits, roots, herbs and minerals. Ayurvedic Chyanprash works on the vital internal defense mechanism and thus increases body immunity. Indian Gooseberry (Amala), which is the richest source of vitamin C, acts as an anti-oxidant and immune-stimulant while giving a tangy-sweet after taste.

 - What does Ayurveda recommends for the chronic skin diseases ?  
Neem plays an important role while treating skin problems in Ayurveda. We have various Neem (Neem Indica) products in different form s (like Neem leafs, Neem powder, Neem tablets, Neen Soap  etc.). After having received your exact complaint our Ayurveda doctor will suggest you the right product for you.

-         I have heard so much about Shirodhara. I would like to know more about it ?
Shirodhara is an important oil therapy in Ayurveda which is used for many problems but especially against stress. More details on Shirodhara is available at:  

- Why pulse examination in so important in Ayurveda?
In Ayurveda it is believed that the pulse can reveal not only the dieses an individual may have but also your life style and way of thinking. According to Ayurvedic science the diagnosis of plus is done with three fingers which denotes the specific aggravation of the Doshas a body may have. Ayurvedic experts are capable in diagnosing a disease with the help of
pulse examination without having asked the patient about the problem and sometime leaving the patients stunned after they hear the accurate results form the doctor on the basis of pulse examination.

- I am curious to know about Arista and Ashav, what are they ?
Arista is prepared with herbal decoction in hot whereas Ashav is prepared with Cold infusion of herbs and both the preparations are used for different body constitutions.

 -  I am a diabetic and would like to know if Ayurveda has to offer treatments for my disease.
There are a number of herbal medicines as Momordicha charantia, Gymnema sylvestrae, Eugenia jambolana, & Shilajit and a few more which are used in Ayurveda for treating diabetic patients. You may perhaps like to discuss your conditions in detail with our Ayurveda Doctors.


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