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Rajasthan Tours - Most visited Destinations of India
Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating regions in India, with one of the oldest civilizations and extremely rich cultural heritage. The State of Rajasthan ........


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Bhutan is among the most beautiful places in the world with its neighbors India and China. Its official name, Druk Yul means "Land of Thunder Dragon", portrayed on the flag....


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Tibet is a homeland of six million people. The significance of Tibet landscaping is not only the earth's highest mountains but also a vast arid Plateau and majestic river valleys....


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Bird Watching means the activity of observing birds in their natural habitat, where one can identify the birds and understand what they are doing....


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Learn Indian Languages
Indo Vacations has designed some exclusive language courses. Our array of language programmes include courses in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, ....


Indian Cookery
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Golf had already been played in India for 59 years before the first major course was opened in the USA in 1888. By the end of the 19th century India already had a dozen ....


Group Departures
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"Indo Vacations" as Tour Operators and Travel Agent is not only specialized in organizing tours throughout the India but also offer hotel booking services......


Car Rental
We at Indo Vacations organize the kind of car that you wish and give guarantee for experienced drivers and reliable arrangements for the start and end of....


India is a land of diversities. The people of every faith and religion live in unity and as well as celebrate various festivals in the country. In no other country of the world ....


The word Ayurveda refers to a combination of two literal words. The word 'ayur' means 'containing life' & the word 'veda' means 'to know about it'.


Home Stay
We offer you to stay as paying Guest in Jaipur with an Indian family to experience the real Indian culture and Indian way of living. The best home stay facility is currently offered in ....


Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy. Yoga is a practical aid and not a religion. Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and atheists alike may ......


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Turtle On The Beach - Kovalam


Information about Turtle On The Beach

Art meeting architecture is unique. Isnít it art and architecture coming together to give you a unique Asian holiday more special?
Standing tall as a lone beauty along the renowned Eveís beach at Kovalam Turtle on the beach celebrates art along with sophisticated luxury making it unique and special.

Art defines every space here. Art in wood, stone, glass and in fact every material that you come across here. You will find art as sculptures, wall hangings, glass walls, stone carvings, sunbathing umbrella stands, huge flower pots, water flowing on glass roofs etc.
Art here celebrates the idea of an inclusive world inherent in Kerala culture. To be precise, an inclusive world is the way we coexist with different living beings in nature - the animals, the reptiles, the amphibians and the fishes.
Art gives luxury a new meaning here. By blending the finest of art with the most sophisticated luxury, Turtle on the beach brings about a new grammar in holidaying in this part of the world. You will find it unique in every way you look at it, either as a whole or in parts that make it a whole. And that makes Turtle on the beach a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel.

Accommodation at Turtle On The Beach

Sky suite is the presidential suite here. It is a unique suite at the top most area of the hotel. Itís unique for many reasons. But two most important ones are the magnificent view of the Arabian Sea from a vantage point. And that it doesnít comply to the usual format of a suite room.

Mackintosh suite is a unique suite in the art deco style at Turtle on the beach. The suite is styled according to the popular international art design movement from 1925 until the 1940 famously known to the world as the Art Deco.

The suite Kyoto is the one that celebrates the Japanese style of interior design here. The low furniture that celebrates a different style will give your concept of interior, a new dimension.

Time is the suite that specifies 'now'. The design of the suite is influenced by the contemporary design wave on the international horizon. This suite focuses on the present time in its designs of furniture. The fine bed linen, the beautiful drapes, the wall-mounted plasma television all add to the celebration of the moment.

The twin turtle offers a well appointed space. To make you feel at home, it has a rare design in deck for sleeping apart from the regular bed area. This is a special room to be in if you wish to have your kids near you all the time on vacation. It can give you a wonderfull new experience. Itís in fact two experiences in one room.

Elegance, spaciousness and the Arabian sea view are the features that give these rooms and your holiday a different tangent. The rooms in this category on the lower floors give the feel of the Arabian sea with the sounds of the rolling waves and the proximity to the beach.


Ayurveda at Turtle On The Beach

Ayurvedic physicians care for two and six therapists during the treatment. Cycled on the choice of the ayurvedic full board is dependent. It is therefore also fish and meat served. Ayurveda offer: regeneration and cleaning treatments, immunization treatments, stress and relaxation therapies and yoga meditation


Restaurant at Turtle On The Beach

Catamaran is the main restaurant at Turtle on the beach. It is in fact a link between the street and the Arabian sea.
As you come down the stairs from the street, art in different forms welcomes you to the restaurant. The sculpture in sandstone on the wall, the carved stone basins with flower petals floating in water, the sculpted glass at the entrance and the art inside the restaurant will take you towards an exotic dining experience.
Catamaran serves multi-cuisine with a fine spread of culinary delights. The sumptuous themed international buffet will give your taste buds a new high.
The restaurant for breakfast and dinner will flow into the pool side with candle light at night. It is here that the restaurant establishes its link with the sea. You can listen to the waves or watch the Arabian sea in all its splendour.

Centre Point is exactly the centre of Turtle on the beach. And it is also the centre of the main outdoor activities here.
As you walk into the Centre Point from the hotel you will find the pool on the right and a new dining experience under the pergolas on the left.

Blues is the bar. A special bar which celebrate the blue of the Arabian Sea and the essence of Asian art.
The sculpture called the 'Farmerís daughter' will invite all your attention. But the illustration in blue of the aqua life is also an equally active attention seeker.

Rumours is the ideal place to discuss business or an idea over a cup of coffee with some light snacks. Itís our coffee shop.

The 12 wooden round tables and chairs give it a warm and soothing ambience. The sculpture of a 'Farmerís daughter' striking a tempting style lights up the mood of the place. The bar stools make the air light and introduces a jovial spirit.

As every room is a special place to be at Turtle on the beach, In-room dining is of great importance here.
Itís a 24-hour service, which helps you enjoy a great dining experience in the privacy of your room or balcony. Moreover you have quite a number of great delicacies to pick and enjoy in the in-room dining menu.


Facilities at Turtle On The Beach

Arabian sea is probably the only conference hall in this part of the world with a magnificent view of the Arabian sea. And hence it gets this name. It can accommodate over 200 guests and can also be rearranged into theatre style, boardroom style or any other style of your choice to cater to your varied needs. Floating guests of over 400 can be accommodated for banquets. The bold leaf carpet, the wooden ceiling, the art in stone at the entrance, the special micro lighting and wooden furniture are a few specialities of the conference hall.

Focus is a special boardroom with a ground view of the Arabian sea. This room also adorns the works of one of renowned painters of Kerala. It has a private wash and all the facilities to facilitate a perfect board meeting. The boardroom can also be arranged to suit your style and can accommodate 30 guests. Focus can give you the perfect focus and ambience for a perfect board meeting.

Moments is a private party area. Itís that special place to throw small private parties. Moments has an outstanding view of the Arabian sea and can service up to 40 guests. The glass wall facing the Arabian sea, the wooden furniture and the tiled roof give you a rare natural ambience with an accent on Kerala architecture. The sculptures and art that welcome you here will give you an out-of-this-world experience.

Unplugged, the karaoke room is the place to de-stress. With a beautiful lounge and a high power music system you can just wipe out your tensions. You can dance or sing along as you beat out the stress in you. Itís a rare experience all together.

How to reach Turtle On The Beach

Turtle On The Beach is located from 12 kms from Trivandrum

To enable us to send you the rates of the Ayurveda packages of the above resort, we need to have the number of participants and the dates from you. (Query)

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