Tour through India with a private Car & Driver: Overall, I really liked the service I got from Indo Vacations; especially from my driver, Rajender. I will definitely consider using their service again if I come back for another trip to India someday, Mr. Joe (USA)


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----- Original Message -----
From: Joe
To: Indo Vacations
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2019 5:43 PM
Subject: Tour Feedback

Hello Sanjeev,

I wanted to take a moment to make a few comments on Rajenderís service over the past month. From the moment I arrived in Delhi, his work has been excellent. He showed up on time in his uniform everyday with the car clean and fueled up and he has been a pleasant guy to hang out with for the long drives. (Nice personality, good English, and a very skilled driver) He has always been courteous (running air conditioning, offering water,etc) He has also been very good with offering good advice (whenever I needed to find an ATM or what foods not to eat to minimize odds of getting sick, how to avoid common scams, etc). He really added to the enjoyment I had visiting India this month. If I return someday with my wife and son, I will definitely be requesting him. Thanks for a good trip to India. Just so you are aware, I got my flight re-ticketed to leave back to the USA on November 7th from Delhi at 04:00. Rajender will take me to Delhi tomorrow.

I used Indo Vacations to primarily provide private transport for a one month trip through northern India and received excellent service.

First, the website has extensive options for different time frames and specific interests. The managing office staff was great with email response times and provided price quotes very clearly identifying what was included and what was not. You can tell they are serious about their business and nothing is sloppy; very attentive to detail. They will send the quote for your review and are happy to accommodate if you want to customize something. They were always professional and responsive any time I needed to change plans and they always let me know if there was something I needed to be aware of. Be aware that you are going to pay for the service; itís not cheap, but itís really helpful so you donít end up wasting precious time out of your trip. I thought it was good value for the money. I usually plan my own trips, but I would not recommend this in India. The infrastructure is still very much in development and would be a real hassle to do on your own. Indo Vacations has recommended heritage hotels which are expensive relative to India, but average price that would be paid in USA or Europe. They were all nice and clean. (Not always in convenient locations though) If I did it again, in certain cities I would probably get some hotels that were closer walking distance to the downtown areas.

The driver, Rajender, was great; very skilled to deal with the varying roads and traffic. He was always on time and a real nice guy. Absolutely made the long drives enjoyable. He also made sure to give me advice about scams, what was safe to eat or drink to minimize chance of getting sick and really helped me out anytime I had a problem with something.

Overall, I really liked the service I got from Indo Vacations; especially from my driver, Rajender. I will definitely consider using their service again if I come back for another trip to India someday. Take a look at the website. Itís got all kinds of different plans and you can customize your own and ask for a quote. Thanks again for a great trip to India.

Thanks again and best wishes,


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