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Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari temple

The Kanyakumari temple is one of the ancient temple which is located on the shoreline. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Parvati who appeared in Kanyakumari as the Kanya Devi, the virgin goddess. This temple and the adjoining ghat attracts tourist from all over the world. The name of this temple has also been mentioned in the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Sangam works which are Manimekalai and Puranaanooru. It is also believed that the image of Kanyakumari was installed and worshipped by Parasurama, who reclaimed Kerala from the ocean, and built several shrines. The diamond nose ring of the deity is famous for its sparkling splendor which is said to be visible even from the sea. Non Hindus are not allowed to enter into the temple. According to the legends the demon Baanaasuran created havoc on the people of this world. So the Lord Vishnu requested the gods and the humans to request Paraasakthi to kill the demon. All the gods and humans offered the prayers to Shakti and as such the goddess Shakti appeared as a young virgin girl at Kanyakumari and commenced penance with the desire of marrying Shiva at Suchindram. The celestial sage Narada Muni, fixed the midnight hour as the auspicious time for the wedding When Shiva's procession reached Vazhukkumpaarai, then a rooster crowed, heralding

Kanyakumari Temple, Kanyakumari

daybreak, and the lord Shiva assuming that the auspicious hour was past, returned to Suchindram. The disappointed goddess decided to spend her life in Kanyakumari as a virgin. All the food prepared for the wedding was wasted and it turned into the colored sand which can be seen on the southern shores of the subcontinent. Some of the local folks believe that the stones which are available in the market are the leftovers of the legendary marriage that could not be solemnized. The demon Banaasuran upon hearing of Shakti's story proceeded to Kanyakumari to win her hand in marriage by force, and this led to a fierce battle in which he was killed by her.

The Temple
Kanyakumari Temple

The black stone image of Kanyakumari in the sanctum bearing a garland is an enchanting one. The diamond nose ring of the deity is famous for its sparkling splendor which is said to be visible even from the sea. According to the legends, the light emitting from the nose ring misguided the ships arriving on the port and caused them to crash onto the rocky coast. There is a door now, to the east of the shrine which is opened only five times a year. There are also shrines to Vijayasundari and Balasundari, friends and playmates of the goddess in her youthful form. 

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