Long India Tour (North , East and South): The tour that you set up as a whole was great. really did enjoy see the different places that your country had to offer, Mr. K. Watson - USA


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Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating regions in India, with one of the oldest civilizations and extremely rich cultural heritage. The State of Rajasthan ........

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k. watson
Nepal Bhutan & Sri Lanka)Indo Vacations (Tour Operator for India
Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2015 12:03 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks indeed for your feedback !


The driver that I had for the first 6 days was great. Offered to show to some different places that were not part of the tour and also was will to take to places that I found on line as long as they were not that far out of the way from are drive that day.

The driver that I had for my trip from Goa to Hampi and back was also very helpful.

As for the Guides the best Guide I had was the one for Bhubaneshwar and Puri. He was willing to take me to a few mort different places that were not on my list. And were not really out of the way of the rest of the tour.

As for the rest of them they really didn't want to do anything extra had to plead with them to see most things.

The tour that you set up as a whole was great. really did enjoy see the different places that your country had to offer.

They only thing that I really didn't care much about was the walking tour of the slums Mumbai. That just was my thing to do. Could have use that time to go and see some other sites in the city.

So thank you for setting up this tour for me.

K. Watson

PS: I was thinking I forgot to tell you the Guide that I had in Hampi was really great. He know what his was talking about since he grew up right next do it the site. So he knew all about everything and showed me a few things that people miss.
One of the best things was that we went into the Photo Museum of the site where they had taken picture from 1865 and then in 2004. So then after that he showed me where the people were standing to take the pictures so also got to get a picture just like the photos.

So the best guides that the ones from Bhubaneshwar and Puri and Hampi. Just wanted to let you know about them you should use them all the time when ever you have clients that are going to these places. Thanks
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