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About Koksar

Koksar is one of the villages in Lahaul Mandal in Lahaul and Spiti District in Himachal Pradesh state in Northern India. It is about 19 km from Rohtang Pass, Koksar is the coldest place in Lahaul. It is mostly snowed in during winters but during the summer months, the PWD Rest House and Eating places are in business. Isolated mountain areas, panoramic picturesque views and pathways for hiking can be seen in Koksar. It is 340 km from its state capital Shimla and 70 km from Manali. Nearby villages are Tailing (7 km) and Sissu(13 km).

People of Koksar

The language, culture, and populations of Koksar are closely related. Generally the Lahaulis are of Tibetan and Indo-Aryan descent. Fairer skin and hazel-colored eyes are commonly seen among the Lahaulis.

The languages belong to the Tibetan family. They are very similar to the Ladakhi and Tibetans culturally, as they had been placed under the rule of the Guge and Ladakh kingdoms at occasional intervals.

The family acts as the basic unit of kinship. The extended family system is common, evolved from the polyandric system of the past. The family is headed by a senior male member, known as the Yunda, while his wife, known as the Yundamo, attains authority by being the oldest member in the generation. The clan system, also known as Rhus, plays another major role in the Koksar society.

Lifestyle and Religion

The lifestyles of the Koksar due to their proximity. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Potato and Peas farming is common. Occupations include working in government services, government programs, private services outside of the village and other businesses and crafts. Earlier houses were made of mud and stones but these days houses are constructed in Modern style with Bricks and Cements.

Most of the residents of Koksar follow a combination of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism of the Drukpa Kagyu order.

Flora and fauna

The harsh conditions of Lahaul permit only scattered clumps of hardy grasses and shrubs to grow, even below 4,000 metres. Glacier lines are generally found at 5,000 metres. Animals such as Yaks and dzos wander across the wild Lingti plains. However, over-hunting and a decrease in food supplies has led to a large decrease in the population of the Argali, Tibetan Antelope, Musk deer, Kiangs, and Snow leopards in these regions, reducing them to the status of endangered species. However, in the Lahaul valley, one can see foxes, Ibex, brown bears, and Snow leopards during winter.

Activities in Koksar

Koksar is the coldest place in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh and gets completely snowed in during winters. During summers, the whole area around Koksar comes to life with carpets of colourful flowers all over the hills, luminous streams and a huge waterfall nearby. It is possible to spot Ibex, brown bears, foxes and even an occasional snow leopard around the chiseled rock mountains of Koksar. Many treks and mountaineering expeditions can be arranged beginning from Koksar, which also happens to be a photographer’s haven.

For the traveller: Between the months of June and September a lot many tourists and bikers halt briefly at Koksar for tea or a meal break, yet not many stay the night here. The stay options at Koksar are very basic, in dhabas and in homestays apart from the HP PWD rest house. Food stalls serving snacks, meals, momos and thukpa are found all over the little village of Koksar.


Koksar village is situated at Leh–Manali Highway where in summer season lots of Indian and Foreigner Tourists enjoys fresh snowfall. Whenever visitors cross the Rohtang Pass, they always stay for a while at Koksar bazar to have fresh prepared meal in local Dhaba. Seasonally, at Koksar Bazar for Tourist information and help, to enter vehicles a police check post is established and also for registering of Foreigner's passport.


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