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About Taptapani

Taptapani is a place that is located in the state of Odisha and it is a perfect place for those who prefer nature vacations. Taptapani is well-known for its hot sulfur water spring. Taptapani is known for its many hot springs and these are the main attractions of the place. There are a few tribes that live in the region as well and some of them are Kutia Kondh, Dingaria Kondh and Mali. Experiencing the culture and traditions of the tribal people can be an exciting experience. The forest of Taptapani is unexplored and this is a good place to experience nature in its rawest form.

Many activities such as trekking, mountaineering and nature walking are possible in the place and one can also explore the forests that enclose the region. There are some trekking paths that are located near Taptapani. There are a few places to stay here and these offer hot spring treatments that are a relaxing experience. This is something that one must experience while travelling to the region. The name “Taptapani” also suggests that. “Tapta” means hot and “pani” means water.The hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani are accredited with medicinal properties and can be bathed in at the pond created next to the hot spring.

Taptapani is well-known for a persistent hot spring of Medicinal Sulfuric Water which is located on the State Highways that connects Berhampur with Western Orissa. Taptapani is enclosed by a cluster of hills and thick forests, the serenity of nature at Taptapani is added by amazing sights of sun rise, tribal dance and music, sun set moon lit night, sight of wild animals and chirps of birds. The place as such attracts large numbers of tourists of all category. Poets, scholars, writers, holiday makers, picnickers and newly weds can best utilize the place through all seasons. One can also visit the Nilakantheshwar Temple which is other Tibetan settlements and the deer park in the town. There is a huge stone that is located here and this is worshipped by the local People.

Taptapani is an all season destination and one can visit this place all round the year. However, to enjoy the dip in the hot water spring and to visit the nearby places, the most ideal time to visit Taptapani is between October and March.

Things to do in Taptapani

One can take a long nature-walk along the scenic landscape of the surrounding areas of Taptapani. A visit to the villages of tribal communities such as Kutia Kondh, Bonda, Dingara Kondh and Mali tribes can be interesting as it gives a chance to learn about the lifestyles of these tribal people. One can also visit Tampara, which is a large salty lake with a water sport complex offering various water sports such as paddle boats, water scooter and more. But the most popular thing to do is to take a dip at the hot spring of Taptapani.

Location of Taptapani

Taptapani is located at a distance of around 240 kilometers from the city of Bhubaneswar and around 67 kilometers from the town of Gopalpur. Nearest major Railway Station is Berhampur which is about 50 kms from Taptapani . Berhampur is the nearest major transit point and one can reach the place using taxis and private vehicles.

Tourist Attractions in Taptapani

Deer Park
Deer Park is maintained by the Forest Department and is located nearby Taptapani.

Sri Nilakantheswar Temple and Kandimata Mandir
Sri Nilakantheswar Temple and Kandimata Mandir are also worth to visit.

Gopalpur on Sea
Gopalpur on Sea is a famous beach destination with a prominent light house, it is very near to Taptapaani. The light house at Gopalpur offers an wonderful view of the sea and a part of the Chilika Lake.

Pati Sonepur beach
Pati Sonepur beach is located near the mouth of River Bahuda and the beach at Aryapalli.

Temple of Mahuri Kalua
The temple of Mahuri Kalua is about 20 kms from Taptapani which is located on a hilltop with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys is breathtaking.

The other attractions of Taptapani are its tribal communities and the scenic landscape. There is also a deer park which is maintained by the forest department.

There are some small waterfalls, nameless rivulets, lakes and tribal villages all around. The other interesting place to visit is the Tibetan settlement and monastery. However, most tourists visit Taptapani to take a dip into the Sulphur rich Hot Springs, which refresh them with a renewed life-force. One can take long walks along the forest trails and highlands of Taptapani or just sit back in hotel’s terrace and enjoy the views of the distant hills and greenery.

One can also visit the nearby temple of Taratarini surrounded by Rushikulya River and dedicated to the twin Goddess, Tara and Tarini. One can also visit Taptapani from Lake Chilka.

How to reach Taptapani

By Rail
From Kolkata, you can avail a train to Berhampur, the nearest rail station to Taptapani. From there, you can avail the option of taxis.

By Road
Since Taptapani is located on the State Highway connecting Berhampur with western Orissa, you can also avail the option of buses plying on the State Highway.

By Air
The Biju Patnaik Airport, which is situated in the city of Bhubaneswar, is the closest major airport and this is the most feasible option for those who are interested in travelling by air. The place is connected some of the commercial cities in the country such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.



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