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Vasuki Tal
About Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal is located at a distance of about 8 kms from Kedarnath, it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the state of Uttarakhand. It is perched at an elevation of about 4,135 m above the sea level. The lake of Vasuki Tal is surrounded by great Himalayan mountain ranges. Besides all these tourists can also enjoy beautiful view of the Chaukhamba peaks which are located nearby.

In order to get in touch with this natural lake tourists travelling to this lake have to cross the Chaturangi Glacier as well as Vasuki Glacier. Both these Glaciers are filled with crevasses and in order to cross them tourists require immense stamina. The best time to visit this beautiful lake is from June to October. During these months, the weather is mild and pleasant.

Vasuki Tal Lake

This is a very picturesque lake that swears to leave you charmed in first sight. This lake is very attractively studded amidst the snow laden Himalayan peaks. This lake is overwhelmed on all sides by rows of spotted flowers of various kinds and one of such flowers is called as Brahma Kamal. Also, tourists can delight in trekking up to here.

The Vasuki Tal lake is a picture perfect lake and is widely visited by the tourists. It almost imprints an unforgettable image of the place in the memory. Vasuki Tal is like a fresh breath of air among the temples and pilgrimage spots of Kedarnath.

Vasuki Tal Kedarnath Location

Vasuki tal (Vasuki Lake) is situated at an altitude of 14, 200 ft, in the beautiful hill of kedarnath dham, Uttarakhand, India In the last 2 to 5 years Vasuki tal attracted more pilgrims and trekkers. Vasuki tal is very large in size and beautiful in surrounding environment.

Vasuki lake is surrounded with very high mountain view and beautiful view of several peak of Himalayas. There are several types of beautiful, colorful little flowers around the Vasuki Tal lake and one of the famous flower is brahma kamal. It is mythical belief that at the time of Rakshabandan (Indian festival) Lord Vishu bathed in this lake hence it is named as Vasuki tal.

Vasuki Tal Trek

Trekking enthusiasts who love to challenge themselves trek to Vasuki tal in group at least of six as the trekking route is very difficult. Trekking guide is must in Vasuki Tal trek. Trek begins from Gaurikund through Rambara, reaching upto Garur Chatti and finally making way through Kedarnath temple.

Trekkers are enthralled by the beauty of Mandakini river who flows downwards through the route to Kedarnath temple. Dense forests housing beautiful fauna, tall Himalayan ranges and amazing waterfalls energize the trekkers. From Kedarnath to Vasuki top is grassy slope in the goat road. Trekkers may encounter shepherds with their sheep and goats. View of Chaukhamba hill and Mandakini valley is spectacular. From Vasuki hill top, Vasuki tal is 1 Km downward trek.

A high altitude trekking destination, Vasuki tal has low temperature and demands fit and fine trekkers with guts. The total distance of vasuki tal trek is about 8 km from Kedarnath Mandakini bank. Starting trek of vasuki tal is straight height by 3-4 km with easy steps and rest of 4 km is difficult, the climate there is so cloudy.

The trek is covered generally in a day and trekkers come back to Kedarnath to spend the night. Vasuki Tal trek is a gradually ascending trek, reaching up to a fresh water lake, called Vasuki. The crystal clear water of the lake is encircled by the great Himalayan ranges, making the site majestic.

Vasuki Tal Trekking Tips

Treking is not only for enjoying adventure only. Here are some useful tips and guide to the trek of Vasuki tal -

1) First of all you should be prepare yourself with mentally and physically to go that place.
2) Don't trek here with 2-3 people, Trek with more than 6 people to go that place.
3) Heart disease and BP problem person are not allowed to go that place due to the shortage of oxygen and low temperature.
4) Trek with first aid kid and some biscuit,water bottle etc
5) Don't go out of the trek stay connected with your group member.
6) Before resting in mid of trek or any where please be confirm the direction of trek to go.

Vasuki tal is one of the prettiest sights in Kedarnath, which is liked for its amazing waters. A lake at an elevation of 4135 meters in the midst of snowy mountains is a breath taking sight. Apart from its amazing beauty, this pictorial lake provides the charming view of the neighboring Chaukhamba peaks.

Best Time to Visit Vasuki Tal Trek

Vasuki tal can be best trekked during summer season keeping weather and trekking route in consideration. Due to high altitude, low temperature, extreme cold and snowfall Vasuki tal trek is not possible during winter season. It is best not to trek during monsoon as the difficult route gets more difficult during monsoon months due to heavy rainfall.

Weather in Vasuki Tal

Summer Season in Vasuki Tal
Summer months May to mid-June is best time for Vasuki tal trek. Weather is pleasant with hot sun making the trekkers feel warm. Temperature falls down during the night time. Stuff yourself with warm clothes.

Winter Season in Vasuki Tal
Trekking to Vasuki tal during winter is not possible due to extreme cold. The climatic condition does not favor the trekkers. It is recommended that you don’t plan a trip to Vasuki tal during winter season.

Spring Season in Vasuki Tal
Spring months mid-September to mid-October are good time for trekking purpose to Vasuki tal. Tourists must be well equipped with warm clothes for the night time.

Monsoon Season in Vasuki Tal
Heavy rainfall makes the trek almost impossible during monsoon season. The trekking route from Chorbari Bamak glacier to Vasuki tal becomes slippery and muddy checking further trek. It is best to avoid the monsoon months.

Places Nearby Vasuki Tal Trek

Guptakashi is about 1,319 meters above sea level in Rudraprayag district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand, Guptakashi is a large village that houses Vishwanath temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva. Guptakashi is named after the Guptavash (hidden residency period) of Pandavas, the heroes of Hindu holy epic Mahabharata, enshrines a temple of Ardhanareshwar- half Shiva and half Parvati to form a single statue. Guptakashi is considered as second most religious Hindu holy places that come after Kashi or Varanashi.

Gauri Kund
Gauri kund is considered to be the lake where goddess Parvati bathed. This is the lake where she bathed before making Ganesh out of the material used to bath. Gauri Kund is a famous tourist destination for the natural beauty and is also a stop for the pilgrims and trekkers to Kedarnath temple and Vasuki Tal.

How to Reach Vasuki Tal Trek

The trekking distance or route to Vasuki tal depends upon how long the trekkers want to trek through. One can sit on pony till Kedarnath and begin to trek from Kedarnath temple or begin trekking right from Gaurikund.

By Rail
Dehradun railway station is 253 Km, Rishikesh railway station is 212 Km and Haridwar railway station is 236 Km from Gaurikund.

By Road
Gaurikund is well connected by motorable roads to rest part of Uttarakhand state. Dehradun ISBT is 256 Km, Rishikesh is 215 Km, Haridwar is 235 Km, Uttarkashi is 226 Km,Tehri is 181 Km, Devprayag is 141 km, Srinagar is 109 Km, Rudraprayag is 74 Km from Gaurikund.

By Air
Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport which is about 229 kms from Gaurikund via Rishikesh, Devprayag,Rudraprayag.

Route to Vasuki Tal
• Dehradun – Rishikesh – Narendranagar – Chamba – Tehri – Ghansali – Chibitiga – Mayali – Tilwada – Agastyamuni – Kund – Guptakashi – Phata – Gaurikund – Kedarnath – Chorbari Bamak Glacier –Vasuki Tal



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