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Surya Samudra Beach Garden, Trivandrum

Information about Surya Samudra Beach Garden
Surya Samudra Beach Garden was earlier a single octagonal stone house. But today, it has grown into an eco-friendly beach resort which is spread over nearly 20 acres of private space. Surya Samudra Beach Garden is situated on a rocky surface between two deserted beaches. It is a very spacious and lush green resort. This is a place like dreaming in the silence with the sun and the roar of the waves. An impressive line-up of 21 antique granite sculptures of lions welcomes every visitor at the reception. They are positioned against the backdrop of an unpolished granite wall. A pathway laid with rectangular granite slabs reminds of the outer courtyard of traditional Kerala temples and ends with a pair of carved granite pillars in front. The land is terraced to prevent erosion and the cottages are placed at different levels.

Accommodation at Surya Samudra Beach Garden
There are 23 individual cottages in the Surya Samudra Beach Garden. These cottages are modern and traditional Kerala wooden houses,


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 Trivandrum, Surya Samudra

transplanted from their original sites. These cottages have been converted into elevated structures, keeping in mind the need for free flow of space to facilitate unhindered movement and natural ventilation. The windows serve as doors while writing desks face the sea. The bathroom-cum-toilets or the bath gardens are open air and protected by the slopes on all sides. Each cottage has an open-air cafeteria, outdoor garden showers, wide verandahs and surrounded by terraced tropical gardens.

Restaurant at Surya Samudra Beach Garden
The Octopus is the famous restaurant at the resort. The restaurant is semi-circular in shape and can seat upto 40 people. The sea-sand flooring and the Kerala roof offers a wonderful ambience. Each table has a granite pepper crusher specially made to order from Mahabalipuram. A bronze bell is placed on each table, to call the waiter. This restaurant specializes in and offers various sea-food ranging from lobsters and tiger prawns to octopus and shark, from barracuda puttu and sea urchins to baked crab and Japanese tuna salad. Lobster Crème de la Mer (cream of the ocean), a creamy sauce with lobster, delicately spiced, is one of the specialties of Octopus. The local dishes (vegetables and fish) are also prepared and can be tasted on plantain leaves. No preserved food is used in the resort, except jams and creams. The fresh fish is taken from the sea and vegetables and fruits are grown in the resort garden. Bread, cakes and ice creams are also prepared here on a daily basis.

Facilities at Surya Samudra Beach Garden
Some of the facilities which are offered at the Surya Samudra Beach Garden are Swimming Pool, day trip to neighbouring areas. Various art forms of Kerala and Classical Dances like Bharata Natyam and Kathakali and the martial art Kalaripayattu are also displayed here.

Ayurveda & Yoga in Surya Samudra Beach Garden
The main feature of the resort is the Ayurvedic centre and Yoga centre. After consultation with the doctor, one can choose from a variety of soothing treatments. You can also enjoy the massage by the therapists using traditional medicinal oils prepared from natural ingredients. Excellent results can be seen in all types of relief from the pains in the joints and the muscles, rheumatism and arthritis. The Surya Samudra also offers the yoga and meditation classes for beginners and advanced persons, both for individuals and small groups.

How to reach Surya Samudra Beach Garden
The Surya Samudra Beach Garden is just about thirty miles from the tip of India and just a few minutes from the historic Vizhinjam harbour (pronounced as Virinyam).

To enable us to send you the rates of the Ayurveda packages of the above resort, we need to have the number of participants and the dates from you.


Photographs of Surya Samudra Beach Garden, Trivandrum

Surya Samudra Beach Garden Kerala

Surya Samudra Beach Garden Trivandrum


Surya Samudra Beach Garden Room

Surya Samudra Beach Garden


Surya Samudra Beach Garden

Surya Samudra Beach Garden Trivandrum


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