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Manali is an ancient town located in the Kullu valley. Manali is surrounded by the towering peaks at an arm length and is located near the snowline. Manali literally means the home of Manu. Manu is the mythological character who survived when the world was drowned in flood. The fish saved him and later he recreated human life at Manali. The climate of Manali is very cold. The summers are cool and the winters are also very cool. Due to its altitude the climate of Manali is loved by one and all. The best time to visit Manali is in the month of May and October. Today, Manali is a flourishing orchard industry, trekking destination and a famous tourist destination for the honeymoon lovers. There are high mountains in Manali which are surrounded by silent snows and deep boulder strew gorges. There are thick forests full of cool breezes and bird songs. There are fields of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets and fruit laden orchards. Manali is also a sacred pilgrimage place for the Hindus.

History of Manali

The story of the establishment of Manali is very interesting. One day, Varvasvata, the seventh incarnation of Manu found a tiny fish in his bathing water. The fish told him to look after it with devotion as one day it would do him a great service. The seventh Manu cared for the fish till the day it grew so huge that he released it into the sea. Before departing, the fish warned Manu of an impending deluge when the entire world be submerged. When there was flood, Varvasvata and seven sages were saved by the fish. As the water subsided the seventh Manuís ark came to the rest on a hillside and thus the place came to be known as Manali. As the earth slowly dried, here arose a place of breath taking natural beauty. Today this place is a prime holiday destination for the tourists.

Manali, Manali Tour

For the shopping purpose, the Mall is a perfect place in Manali. In the Mall you can purchase various items like clothes, decorative pieces, gift items and woollen goods particularly the shawls. The New Shopping Centre Market near the bus stand also sells a good selection of items. Around the bazaar there are innumerable stalls stacked with hand-woven goods. The other speciality of Manali is the Himalayan  handicrafts, mainly assorted Tibetan curios such as prayer wheels, amulets, dorjees or thunderbolts, masks, musical instruments, jewellery and Thangkas.

Festivals in Manali

The Himachal's Winter Carnival is held in the month of February. During this period the snow plays a major role. Ski slopes of Kufri, Manali and Narkanda come to life with adventure seekers competing their way downhill. For the adventure lovers, Manali offers best opportunity for heli-skiing. The Gompa is covered with brightly coloured frescoes and a mid size Buddhist statute. The Gulaba Camp is the beautiful place famous for sightseeing, picnic and photography.

Himachal Winter Carnival, Manali
Tourist Attraction in Manali
Manali Tourist Attraction

The major tourist attraction in Manali is the Hidimba Devi Temple. This temple is one of the most important temples in the region. This four storey wooden temple is located in the middle of a forest. Another attraction in Manali is the Vashisth Village. This village is known for the sweeping valley views and the Sulphur hot water springs.  Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa is the another attraction in Manali. This Gompa dominates the Tibetan area around the bottom of the Mall in Manali.


How to reach here

By Air:
The Bhuntar airport is the nearest airport near Manali. It is about 52 kms from Manali. From Bhuntar one can take a taxi or a bus to Manali.

By Rail:
Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station to Manali. This narrow gauze railway station is about 95 km from Kullu. From the station one can take a bus or taxi and as well as enjoy the beauty of Kullu while going to Manali.

By Road:
The road to Manali passes through the picturesque valley of Kullu. Manali is connected with the other major tourist places in Himachal and as well as by the nearby states by the motorable roads.


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