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The richness of India's traditional handcrafts is known across the world. The traditions are still alive, not in some purely commercialized and tourist-oriented recreation of lost skills, but in the living traditions handed on through families that have practiced them for generations. The variety and the often outstandingly high quality of the work is still astonishing. Each region has its own specialities.

Stone carving in India has its old tradition since the time of Taj Mahal and is being practiced till date by the next generation of these families.

Shopping, Jewellery in India

Paper-mache of Kashmir, cane work pottery and leather work of are specialty of the the Indian state of Kashmir. South India is famous for the Wood carving and metalwork. Indian Sandalwood, Indian rose wood, walnut in Kashmir are to name when it comes to wooden products in India. Metalwork of North India, Indian bird ware in Andhra, Indian bronzes of the south are some more specialities to name some.

Shopping in India is an experience as India being the one of the most reasonable market in the south Asia. Import from India are increasing to all over the world. Jewellery of India, Carpets of India and Marble work of Agra in India is getting popularity by the tourist who are visiting India for travel purpose. 
Kashmiri carpet makers of India enjoy their reputation all over the world. Carpets of Indian Pure wool and Indian silk are made superbly in North India. Tibetan rugs, Indian Jewellery, Indian Gems, Rajasthani silverwork, Indian diamonds, Indian lapis lazuli, Indian moonstones, Indian aquamarine and  Indian pearls are some of the stones for which the capital of Rajasthan (Jaipur) has made its name all over the world as most of the stones are cut and polished in this city of India. If you need any help and information about the products in India we will be happy to provide you the needed information. 

Fabric in India

Textiles, especially cottons and silks, range from the simplest of handmade garments to stunningly beautiful and ornate saris. Silk brocades from Varanasi and Kanchipuram, Patna, Murshidabad and Surat, are sought after all over India. Rajasthan specializes in brightly coloured tie and dye cottons, while Kashmir specializes in woolens, especially the finest of goats' wool Pashmina.

Indian Carpets

Carpets, Carpets in India

Kashmir has long had links with Persian carpet makers. Pure wool, woven wool and silk are superbly made in North India. Tibetan rugs are also widely available, many made by Tibetan refugees living in India.  


Gems have become India's leading export by value, reflecting the importance both of the gemstones and the finished Jewellery. Rajasthani silverwork, and diamonds, lapis lazuli, moonstones and aquamarine are among the precious stones, and Hyderabad is famous for its pearls.

Bazaars of Old Delhi:

Stone carving in alabaster, marble and granite in both North and South India, papier-mache in Kashmir, cane work, pottery and leather work offers a tremendous range of excellent goods from the smallest mementos to life size statuary.
Wood carving and metalwork
Sandalwood and rose wood from the south, and walnut in Kashmir, are the raw materials for some beautiful carving and marquetry. Metalwork, especially brass in the North, bidri ware in Andhra, and bronzes in the south, are also famous. Here are some of the selected destinations often visited by the tourists for the shopping purpose.

Painting, Painting in India

Other Crafts:

The exploration of Delhi's markets could begin at Chandni Chowk. There are fascinating lively accounts of this bazaar as it was during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Many of the shops here are more than 100 years old, and the lanes are full of surprises. Leading off Chandni Chowk is "Dariba Kalan", the street of incomparable pearl, Khari Baoli, the spice market and Kinari Bazaar for trimmings and tinsel. In some of these bazaars the items for sale are manufactured at site, which lends a special charm to the shopping experience. Well integrated into the culture of the old city, these bazaars offer the visitor a glimpse of life in Old Delhi. There are some antique stores behind Jama Masjid, where the Meena Bazaar used to be once. These offer items ranging from jewellery to paintings and furniture and cater almost entirely to tourists......

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