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Ayurveda in Kerala

The today's life is a fast life where everybody is running behind the fast foods, fast cars and oxygen bars and is becoming away from the nature. So travel to Kerala where the nature is still an integral part of everyday life. In Kerala, you will be able to discover the amazing healing power of Ayurveda, the natural health care system. This system of medicine is about 3000 years old and evolved in India around 600 BC. Since then this traditional system of medicine has been practiced in India for the centuries. This system in addition to treating an ailment, also stressed on its prevention. Kerala’s equable climate, natural forest wealth of herbs and medicinal plants, and the cool monsoon season (June-November) are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative programmes. In fact in Kerala, the Ayurveda is practiced with absolute authentication and dedication. Ancient texts recommend that monsoon is the best season for the Ayurvedic regimens. The atmosphere remains dust-free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy. Over the centuries, this ancient Indian system of medicine has proved to be not only the


cure for diseases but is also the 100% natural way to attain the perfect health. This system mainly stress on the prevention of the disease. Today, it's a unique, indispensable branch of medicine, a complete naturalistic system that depend on the diagnosis of the body's humours to achieve the right balance. The 

human body is composed of the five elements of nature which are earth, fire, wind, water and sky. The human being is an inseparable part of the universe which is divinely inspired and delicately balanced. The secret of Ayurveda lies in the unique understanding of this delicate balance. The ayurveda is the perfect combination of three somatic humours which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha that determines the type of person you are and the type of health you have. When this balance is disturbed, it results into a disease. Ayurveda has the solution for all the problems of the human being. Ayurveda diagnoses your body humours and restores them to their original state. It brings back the natural health of the body. The methods of Ayurveda are unique and universal. Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole, making it the natural way to perfect health and harmony of life. The regimens of Ayurveda are free from the side effects and are very timeless. Ayurveda has remedies even for those ailments that defy time and modern understanding. Ayurveda is a complete natural and the safest medical system on earth.

Ayurveda in Kerala

In Kerala, there are two types of Ayurveda programmes - Rejuvenative and therapeutic. These programmes eliminate the toxic impurities and rejuvenate the entire body, mind and soul. The rejuvenative programme aims at the total well being of the body whereas the therapeutic programmes are related to a specific disease.

Ayurveda is completely natural and perhaps the safest medical system on earth. But still, certain programmes are not advised for the very old people and children below 7 years as they involve special diets and conditioning of the body. Some programmes are also not advised for the heart patients, pregnant women, infirm, the persons having various problems like the blood pressure, blood sugar, chronic skin disease or asthma. Now more and more people are coming to Kerala for the Ayurveda programme. Kerala has several established training centres and medical colleges which brings out the best doctors and paramedical staff. There are various hotels, spas and Ayurvedic centres across the state that offers rejuvenative packages. Various Ayurveda centres offers these packages for one to seven weeks depending on the health and condition of the human body. As these programmes require absolute dedication and commitment, advance reservation is recommended.

Rejuvenative Programmes of Ayurveda
The rejuvenative program aims at the total well being of the body. In this program, various massages and medicated baths that revitalize every part of the body and some special diets that restore you to sound health are included. The rejuvenative programmes improve your vitality, enhance immunity, increase longevity and some special treatments bring the glow to the skin. There are various rejuvenative programmes which are as follows:

1. Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa)

Kerala Ayurveda

The Rejuvenation Therapy also known as the Rasayana Chikitsa is used to tone up the skin and to rejuvenate and strengthen all the tissues, so as to achieve the good health and longevity. This treatment also increase vitality and improves mental clarity, which further increase the resistance of the body. In this therapy various skin treatments are included like the head and face massage with medicated oils and creams, body massage with herbal oil or powder, by hand and foot, medicines and medicated steam and herbal bath.

2. Body Immunization and Longevity Treatment (Kayakalpa Chikitsa)
The Kayakalpa Chikitsa is used for the immunization of body and to increase longevity. This treatment retards the ageing process, thus increasing the immunization of the body. This treatment includes intake of Rasayana (special Ayurvedic medicines and diet) and comprehensive body care programmes.

3. Body Sudation (Sweda Karma)

The body sudation treatment includes medicated steam bath and hand massage with herbal oils and powders. This treatment eliminates impurities from the body, improves the tone and complexion of the skin, reduce fat and also used in pains. In this treatment precious herbs and herbal leaves are boiled and the steam is passed over the entire body for 10 to 20 minutes daily.

4. Body Slimming

The body slimming programme includes various treatments like medicated herbal powder and medicated herbal oil massage and an Ayurvedic diet of herbal juices.

5. Beauty Care
In the beauty care various herbal face packs, herbal oil massage, herbal tea are provided which improves the complexion and beautifies the body.

6. Mental And Physical Well Being (Meditation and Yoga)

Meditation and Yoga are the two basic mental and physical exercises that improves the mental and physical well being. These exercises isolate the ego from the body and mind, increase concentration, improves health and helps to attain peace of mind through eight stages of training. These eight stages are yama, niyama, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, idarana, dhyana and Samadhi.

Ayurveda in Kerala

7. Overall Fitness (Panchakarma Treatment)
The Panchakarma treatment includes five types of therapies. These therapies are used for the mental and physical well being and tone up the body, organs, mind, breath, nerves and also purifies the blood.

Therapeutic Programmes of Ayurveda

The therapeutic programmes are the special programmes which are designed to cure various chronic diseases, illness, headaches, spondilitis, paralysis, insanity and various other diseases. The various therapeutic programmes for various body treatments are as follows:

1. Treatment for chronic headaches, insomnia, mental tension (Dhara)

In Dhara, a continuous stream of herbal oils, medicated milk or butter milk and decoctions are poured gently on the forehead or whole body in a special manner while you lie supine on a wooden bed with the neck and head placed in a comfortable position. Dhara is used in the treatment for stress, mental tension, insomnia and chronic headaches.

2. Treatment to alleviate osteoarthritis, leukemia etc. (Snehapanam)

In Snehapanam, the medicated ghee is given internally in a gradually increased quantity for specific periods. It is used in the treatment of leukaemia and osteoarthritis.

3. Treatment for spondilosis, rheumatic diseases (Pizhichil)

In Pizhichil, the fresh linen is dipped in the lukewarm medicated oil and squeezed over the body while masseurs slowly and gently rub the oil in a rhythmic manner all over body for the period of 1 to 1 and half hours daily. Pizhichil is used in the treatment of spondilosis, arthritis, hemiplegia and nervous disorders.

4. Treatment for diseases like paralysis, obesity and certain rheumatic ailments (Udvarthanam)

In Udvarthanam, the entire body is massaged with herbal powders. It is used in the treatment of diseases like emiplegia, paralysis, obesity and certain rheumatic ailments.

5. Treatment for muscular-skeletal ailments (Marma Chikitsa)

It is a treatment that works on the extremely sensitive vital points of the body (107 marmas).

6. Treatment for nasal ailments (Nasyam)

In Nasyam, the medicated herbal preparations, decoctions, oil and ghee, etc. are inhaled to eliminate the morbid factors from the head and neck area. This also includes gently messaging the body from the shoulders upward. It is used in the treatment of sinusitis, migraine and chronic cold.

7. Treatment for ear ailments (Karnapooranam)

In Karnapooranam, the medicated oils are applied to the ear for 5 to 10 minutes daily to clean the ear as well as to treat the specific ailments.

8. Preventing cataract and strengthening vision (Tharpanam)

The Tharpanam is a treatment for the eyes, and effective in preventing cataract and strengthening the optic nerve.

9. Treatment for wasting of muscles, sports injuries and certain skin diseases (Njavarakizhi)

In Njavarakizhi, after the application of the medicated oil, the entire body is made to perspire by the external application of medicated Njavara rice packs in the form of boluses tied in muslin bags. The Njavarakizhi revitalizes the skin and is a therapy for ailments like rheumatism, pain in the joints, wasting of muscles, sports injuries and certain skin diseases.

10. Treatment for ailments of the head, nose, mouth, throat, etc. (Shirovasthi)

In Shirovasthi, the lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a leather cap fitted on the head for the specific duration as per the doctor's recommendation. This treatment is used in various ailments like dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, facial paralysis and burning sensation in the head.


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