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Dear Mr Kumar

I apologies for the delay in resending the feedback with regards to our trip, I had not saved the email I sent to you and due to a backlog of work, this is the earliest opportunity I had for replying to yourself.

With regards to the whole trip, both my husband and myself would like to thank you for a great tour overall: the way in which you dealt with the initial enquiry and efficiently dealt with all the hotel bookings and car bookings through to the end. Thank you very much.

While we were on holiday, it came to our minds how difficult it had been booking the tour exactly as we wanted it and thought that at home, there was a gap in the market. As a result, we have decided to launch a website and also advertise locally with regards to providing custom made tours with hotels as specified by the customers and guaranteed at those hotels. Many people have found that once they reach India, the hotels promised on the brochure are not the ones they are booked into. With regards to this, I would appreciate a quote on standard and deluxe rooms in various budget and luxury hotels through Rajasthan and also car rentals and driver charges with or without tour guide. I hope we can work together in the future.

With regards to our experiences on the tour, we thought that the car you provided as well as the driver was satisfactory. The driver, Mr. Arvind Sharma was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and co-operative. He was very entertaining as well so we did not miss the services of a guide. I think he did a very good job on the tour.

With regards to the actual services, I have already said that we were pleased with the way in which your company dealt with our enquiry right up to booking the tour for us. However, we found that we were only contacted by your representatives in Jodhpur and Udaipur, and only to asked if we needed a guide. I think it would have been nice to receive a courtesy call from them, just checking if all was ok and if we needed anything else: it would have been the extra personal touch taking the whole service to the next level.

With regards to the hotels booked, I would like to make the following comments in respect of their services. Please note that these comments are not a reflection on your services, as they were specified by myself. I just thought that the comments would help you in advising other customers.

Alsisar Haveli: Good budget heritage hotel. Satisfactory service for the charges paid and good value for money. Good location, helpful staff, average ambience, good food.

Lalgarh Palace: Good value for money, good food. Not extortionate prices. Very nice rooms and very good value for money on the rooms especially.

Fort Rajwada: The best welcome and greeting in Rajasthan. Very helpful staff and very nice hotel with good value for money as far as the prices in the restaurants are concerned. Extremely attentive staff and service at all meal times, and room service. Truly creating luxury that rests in memory lane.
Despite being a recent hotel, it takes you back into the past with its decor and special balconies and the service provided. Very good food at breakfast and dinner times. Good facilities in the room.

Taj Hari Palace: Once again, a very good welcome and extremely good customer service. Very helpful staff and one of the best spreads for breakfast. Good facilities in the rooms with a nice pool. We were glad that Umaid Bhavan was fully booked so that we got an opportunity to stay at Taj Hari and experience the good customer service.

Shiv Niwas: Good rooms with facilities, very good meals in the restaurants, breakfast a little disappointing though. Very nice ambience to the hotel, helpful staff. Good welcome to the hotel. Nice ayurvedic massage facilities as well with breathtaking views. Under marketed for the role it played in the Octopussy movie: one of the best hotels through the trip. Good value for money.

Taj Lake Palace: Most disappointing overall. Poor greeting and welcome. Below average customer service and extortionate prices for the service provided. It may be classed as a popular and luxurious hotel but the ambience provided is average: Shiv Niwas and Rambagh and Taj Hari have an equal ambience. The rooms and facilities are average. The food prices again very extortionate and not the best in the world. Rambagh provides better tasting food and better value for money. The service at meal times not special at all. The ac in our room was not working since we checked in: they 
kept trying to repair it and assure us it would work. At 7 we said they had better look into it or move us as it was getting tiresome calling them again and again. They eventually moved us 9 in the evening which was not very nice 
as we were only there for one night. Would rather stay at the Shiv Niwas if in Udaipur again as was not impressed with the overall service despite the high charges they command. They are trading on the good name from the past!!!

However, like I said, the services at the hotels and the above comments are just to give you an idea of how they are currently and may help you with future bookings.

Once again thank you very much for organizing a very good tour as per our requirements and hope we can work together in the future.

Best regards
Rina and Sunny Patel, UK



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