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Social Profile of Rajasthan

Modern Princes

The land of Rajasthan has always been exotic and the Western countries have always fantasised about. Rajputs, the martial races that ruled India, and who traced their origin from the war gods, and also known for their chivalry and bravery, belongs to Rajasthan. The rich people and splendid rare jewels are also found in this rich state of Rajasthan. Over the centuries, different dynasties ruled from different parts of the country, and built their kingdoms on reciprocity with neighboring kingdoms. However, under the rule of the Mughals and the British, an attempt was made to unify the land and breadth of the country as one nation.

The members of the royal houses, and those of the aristocratic order that functioned just under them, drew up an elaborate system that reflected in a lifestyle that consisted of amazing discipline and sometimes also indulge in hunting and balls. Some elaborate ceremonies and marriages that were held during those days lasted for months, and festivals were celebrated with great pomp. The rulers built various greatest architectural monuments like forts, palaces and temples to ensure employment and food for the poorest. And thus arose the great monument wonders, some of the most exquisite the world has seen. These royal families were derecognized by the Constitution of India in 1971, and their privileges were withdrawn but the dynasties that once ruled over independent states continue to live graciously, and are now the famous industrialists, professionals and hoteliers. Some of the ruling dynasties have also converted their ancestral homes, forts and palaces into heritage hotels, which reminds of the glorious past.

Some of the Rajasthani families welcomes you in the homes by saying ‘Khamaghani’. Hospitality is a courtesy that comes naturally to most of the Indians, and graciousness is a way of being. The courtesies go hand-in-hand with festivals and celebrations that are a part of a way of being in one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

Dress of the People of Rajasthan

In the rural villages in Rajasthan, the men wear dhotis, a kind of long fabric without stitches and tied loosely round the waist, a waistcoat and shirt and a long piece of brightly coloured fabric on their head tied loosely like a turban. While in cities, the men wear western dress as dailywear. During ceremonies and celebrations, the city people also wear Kurta and pyjamas, a wonderful dress which unfortunately has lost its charm in day to day life. These Kurta and Pyjamas are available in all possible colors and designs as per the budget, one can afford. The village women wear a long flared skirt with many gathers (ghaghra), a small blouse (kurti - kanchali) and a large square scarf. While in the urban cities, the women wear the western dress, sarees and salwar kameez. One can also see some people with very high social profile wearing the traditions dresses at functions and festivals which are made very lavishly.

Jewellery of the People of Rajasthan

A good deal of jewellery is worn by the people of Rajasthan. The Rajputs prefer gold even for their feet, while silver is favoured among the various tribes who tend to wear rather large quantities of it. How they go about their task weighed down by their kilos of silver is another matter, but the designs into which it is worked is even more amazing. The people wear these jewels on their foreheads, hair, ears, necks, wrists, waists, round ankles and on their toes. They wear these jewels daily, but on special occasions, they look quite stunning.

Night Life in Rajasthan

In most of the places in Rajasthan the main attraction are the cultural shows that features the performances of Indian dance and music. After a tiresome day in the heat, the villagers amuse themselves by listening to soulful music and participate in dances. In some of the small towns there are small theatres in which there are night plays. In some of the towns there is a cinema which show films in Hindi, English and Rajasthani as well. Music and dance are an important part of Indian cinema and combine various other things to produce a rich variety of film art.


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