Haats (Rural Bazaars) of Rajasthan: Barmer, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Pushkar, Shekhawati, Udaipur

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Haats (Rural Bazaars) of Rajasthan

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Rural Bazaars of Rajasthan

In Rajasthan the crafts have emerged not only as decorative feature, but are also an essential part of the daily life for the people of Rajasthan. In the hard desert with the harsh climate during almost half of the year, efforts were taken to create the objects which were useful, colourful and soothing for the eyes. To mention some of the examples - they took their utensils and gave them shapes and forms that were pleasing to the eye. Local Rajasthani people decorated their clothes so that in the dull surroundings of the desert they could spread their colours to its barrenness. They wore jewellery and embroidered their shoes, madith precious stones and wore amulets of gold in war. Amazing te vibrant colourful paintings to honour their gods and also recorded their historic events and the mythology related to local gods. Royal and rich kings decorated their arms wo live with zest in such harsh conditions !

Lac Bangles in Rajasthan

Not all the arts & craft traditions of Rajasthan have originated locally. The advantage for the local people of many states and regions was that their areas was on the trade route to central Asia and the contact with the traders made possible to know about the arts flourishing in the other parts of the world. There was such a hunger to learn the new arts that even the master artists were kidnapped if they did not agree to teach their talent. Kings used to honor good artists by gifting them the gold coins on their achievements. The Mughals also added a rich flavor to the arts of Rajasthan. It would not be wrong to say that Rajputs and Mughals, both profited from each other, brought new ideas and so were the hybrid highlights of this era including Taj Mahal which benefited every participant.

Using colours in the desert of Rajasthan has its own significance. May this be veils (Odhnies) of the women, or turban of man – by the colour and the way they are worn one can make out which area this people locate from and the which status these people may have (royals, farmers, warriors, traders) – something which is complicated to understand for the people not from Rajasthan.

The delightful and colorful rural bazaars of Rajasthan still have the distinct easy going atmosphere, typical of the medieval times. Nothing much seems to have changed till today not even the commodities in the market. Fairs and festivals in Rajasthan provides an opportunity to people from far areas to gather at a single place and shop for the essential commodities. One can buy from these haats the exotic trinkets, beads, lac bangles, old tribal silver jewellery, a range of handicraft items, fabric items, utensils and animals as well. In the olden days, the bazaars were divided according to different products. Now although a few stray shops have come up, but still the tradition is same. For example in one place there are shops of jewellery, in other place there are shops of utensils and in other place there are shops of fabric items.

Rajasthan Craft, Crafts of Rajasthan

Walking through the bazaars of Rajasthan which are filled with a vast choice of articles is an amazing experience. Some of the highlights should not be missed. Some of them are : silver ornaments sold by kilos, buying handful semi-precious and precious stones from the local people in many of the local markets, having a look at some of the hand-block printed fabrics piled up in shops, Feeling amazing collections of light waited quilts – are just a few examples to be mentioned of the medieval bazaar of Rajasthan .

We at Indo Vacations gives you tips and advice where you can make your shopping while being on your own as well as we can assist you if you are interested in having the demonstration of manufacturing units of different products of Rajasthan. You may contact us with the details of your wishes and we would make the arrangements and look forward to welcome you in the wonderful arts and crafts world of Rajasthan. We have prepared some details cities wise regarding the shopping in Rajasthan.


Barmer is famous for Vibrant embroideries, woolen durries, and stone carvings. Sadar Bazaar is the famous local markets. However as Barmer is not visited by most of the tourists coming to Rajasthan so you may not find the products in the local markets as the stitching and embroideries work take place in the family atmosphere in the villages of Barmer.


Bikaner is famous for camel products that include leather footwear, bags with the brilliant gesso work on leather. Bikaner is also known for Wool carpets and blankets, Bikaneri light cotton quits are also among the famous articles available in the local market.


Chittorgarh is Known for its wooden painted toys made by the families in the houses of surrounding villages. A “thewa” gold jewellery in its own distinctive style has also made Chittorgarh known. Leather Jutties made in Chittorgarh are also famous in Rajasthan.


Some of the specialties of the markets of Jaipur are supari (Betel nuts), Jooties (traditional Indian shoes), special kind of fabrics with natural colors, hand block printed textiles. Jaipuri quilts have become very famous as they are light in weight and give you the real warmness for being so low weighted – in addition to that they have the covers in tie-and-dye patterns and even the quilt covers are available in large verities and can be changed easily.

But the Highlights of Jaipur markets are Jewelry and Gem stones. Jaipur enjoys the reputation of being one of the biggest centre of the world when it comes to cutting and polishing the rough stones. Roughs stones are brought from

Jaipur Jootis

within and out of India and are cut and polished manually. A considerable number of the local population of Jaipur is employed in the filed of gemstones and jewelry making. With the modernization there have been the finest setups of factories in and around Jaipur producing high quality of silver and gold Jewelry being sold in the local market and exported as well all over the world. Indo Vacations helps you to find the right place to learn the Jewelry making and advice you the wholesalers in the city for the wished articles.


Jaisalmer is famous for its wooden boxes with its interesting patterns and motifs. Fabrics and textiles with embroidery has made Jaisalmer famous though most of the products originally come from Barmer and surrounding villages. Due to high numbers of tourists Jaisalmer has become a hub for many of the silver and textile articles. Small shopping can be done for good value of money at the markets which are less visited by the tourists. However one has be careful as lot of imitations are also sold in the markets of Jaisalmer.


Jodhpur is famous today more than in the recent history for the wooden articles. Wooden Chairs, Almeras, or any kind of new and old wooden furniture is available here. Jodhpur also fulfills the need of wooden toys of for the whole state of Rajasthan. However one has to take care while so called antique furniture that it may not be as old as it looks as there has been aggressive techniques to make the new look old – as long you know the truth, this is a good buy for reasonable amount of money and if it is really an antique you need to ask for the related papers as you may not be able to take the articles otherwise out of the country. Another attraction what Jodhpur has to offer is the polo dresses. Jodhpuri people claim that Polo dress was discovered here only and later adopted by the English and is a standard today among the polo players. For further shopping tips you may write to us or ask the Guides of Indo Vacations for any assistance.


Kota Doriya Sarees

Kota has become famous for its small checked-weave cotton Sarees called Kota Doriyas. The Sarees with light floral prints are specially high in demand. (The saree is the traditional dress for Indian women in many sates of India. A Saree is a piece of fabric (could be cotton, polyester, silk with or without a work on it) has a length if 5-6 yards in width. A saree is worn with a petticoat (a kind of under skirt) of a similar shade (so that the colours of Saree and the underskirt are matched and do not reflect while in sunlight and is no more transparent). What you in addition need is a matching or contrasting blouse or choli (upper part of the Saree, available in different designs and works, choli is a typical kind of Blouse, mostly of bright colours, used in Rajasthan).

The saree is in general wrapped three times around the under skirt (Paticoat) with the inner end tucked on the right side and wrapped around the front to the back, pleated in the front on the second wrap and ending with the extensively embroidered or printed end (also known as pallau) draped over the left shoulder. A saree alone can be considered as a dress. It is just fabric which is draped in a particular way according to the custom and style of the particular place or state of India. We at Indo Vacations help people from abroad learn willing to wear a saree as a native women do. Short course have been organized and the results have been promising for the participants.)


Pushkar has become world famous due the festival that takes place in the month of November. This fair attracts various people from India and abroad. Originally this festival is related to the religious values and was for the local people of Rajasthan who gathered from all over the places with the products which they produced during the whole year. Now due to interest of the tourists in the huge gathering and cattle markets (main attractions are and remain camels) there are many products being offered for the tourists only. To mention some of the products which one should really look for while being in Pushkar are utensils, terracotta pots, camel saddles, bangles and agriculture products of wide range. It is also interesting to see the villagers negotiating and buying all possible products of their daily life.


Shekhawati is famous and associated with the low-legged Shekhawati chairs. This kind of chairs were used widely in the olden Royal days by the local rich people. Though the region of Shekhawati gained wealth by collecting the taxes by the camel caravan owners but at the same time fine wood works were done here. The Shekhawati region is known for its wood carving, metal utensils, made-as-old furniture as well as for tie dye fabrics.


Udaipur is the second main city ideal for shopping after Jaipur. Though due to high number of tourist visit in this lake city Udaipur has become a hub for most of the articles produced and found in Rajasthan. Locally dyed fabrics and textiles, embroideries, wooden toys, white metal objects as well as articles made of soap stones, especially the images of the God and Goddesses are famous among the famous articles of Udaipur. As in most of the Rajasthan cities Silver Articles are also widely available here. Enamel artifacts are also one of the famous local product of Udaipur. But the real name which is associated with Udaipur when it comes to shopping, is miniature paintings. As the Maharaja of Udaipur supported the local school of miniature paintings this art reached its superlative in the olden royal days. Indo Vacations organize short and long painting courses for those interested in learning this wonderful Rajasthani miniature painting art. Please contact us (at Indo Vacations) for more details.

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