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Ardh Matyendrasana

What is Ardha Matsyendrasana?

Ardha Matsyendrasana is a twisting pose which takes its Sanskrit name from the great Yogic Sage Matsyendra. The literal meaning of the term Ardha is half, matsya is power that vitalizes and endra is mindpower. This pose energizes the spine and stimulates the digestive fire. According to the traditional text it can destroy most deadly diseases, and awakens Kundalini.


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What is the technique of Ardha Matsyendrasana?

Start in a sitting position with back upright in Dandasana pose. Extend your left leg and bend the right leg. Place the sole of your right foot on the floor to the outside of your left knee or thigh. Bring your right heel in as close as possible to your left hip. Bend your left leg so that your outer thigh rests on he ground and your left heel is drawn in close to your right hip. Inhaling, extend upward through the spine and head, as you place your right hand at the base of your spine on the floor behind you. As you do so, place your left arm against your outer right thigh, straightening it with the palm facing forward. When the position has been established, exhale, turn your head, and look over your right shoulder, keeping your shoulders level throughout. Breathe easily while holding this position. To recover, gently reverse your path taken into the position, and repeat to the other side


What are the benefits of practicing Ardha Matsyendrasana?

This twisting posture is good for liver, kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands. It stretches the shoulders, hips, and neck and energizes the spine. This is the only asana which twists the spine. The other asanas only stretch the spine forwards and backwards. It is also useful in menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, backache, asthma, indigestion, constipation, and obesity.


What precaution one should take in practicing Ardha Matsyendrasana?

1. While practicing this asana always take care that your spine does not jerk. Never move into or out of a twist position rapidly.

2. If you have any spinal injury then consult your doctor before start practicing this asana.

3. Some persons may feel it difficult to hold the toes of the left by right hand they should hold the ankle or if that also is not possible then hold the knee. Start with comfortable posture and reach to the advanced stages after practice of few days.


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