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What is Bidalasana

is also known as the Cat Stretch pose. It is a simple, yet thorough way to warm up. It stretches back and abdominal muscles and helps to initiate movement from your center and to coordinate your movement and breath.


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What is the technique of Bidalasana

There are different versions of Bidalsana, we are mentioning here the techniques of both Dynamic and Static versions.

Dynamic version - Start on all fours, with knees hip distance apart and hands under your shoulders. Have your fingers fully spread with the middle fingers pointing straight ahead. Keep your back or spine in horizontal position with head and neck held in line with the rest of your spine, so that eyes look to the ground between your hands. Now inhale, hollow your back so that your navel lowers towards the ground and your chest expands. Keep your shoulder blades pressed down into your back. Then exhale and round your spine, initiating the movement from your navel.

Repeat, alternating the hollowing and rounding of your spine four to eight times.


Dynamic version with the legs This is performed same as the dynamic version but leg movement is also involved in it. For leg movement follow on inhalation, extend your right leg straight out behind you or higher if your can, your foot pointed or flexed. On exhalation, bring your knee in toward your forehead. Do two or three times with the right leg. Repeat with the left leg.  


Static version in Full Cat SretchStart on all fours as for the dynamic version then walk your hands forward until you can place your forehead on the floor in the final post. Keep your hips raised so that your thighs remain at right angles to the floor. Relax your spine in this position, allowing your lower back area to hang downward from you hips. Hold for three to eight breaths or more. To recover, sit back on your heels and relax with your torso resting on your thighs for a few breaths before returning to all fours.



The cat stretch pose flexes the spine and stretches the middle to upper back and shoulders. It is good exercises for people sit in front of a computer for long hours. This posture reduces tension from neck and shoulders and alleviates backaches. It also provides massage to your kidneys. 





People suffering from high blood pressure or heart problems should not practice this asana.  .


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