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What is Gomukhasana?

Gomukhasana or the Cow-face Pose derives its name from Sanskrit where go means cow and mukha means face. The word go also means light thus gomukh refers the light in or of the head or lightness of the head.


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How to practice Gomukhasana or what is the technique of Gomukhasana?

The leg position for Gomukhasana - Kneel with feet pointing behind you and hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Now cross your right leg in front of your left so that your thighs touch. Sit upright with spine extended. Bring feet in as close to your hips as you can.

The arm position - Raise your left elbow to point upward, placing your left hand palm down on your back, below the nape of your neck, and centered between the shoulder blades. Use your right hand to take the left elbow as far back behind the bead as you can, keep your head upright. Bend your right elbow and twist your forearm behind your back, so that the back of the hand rests against your spine,

palm facing out. Hook both hands together. Stay in this pose about 1 minute. Release the arms, uncross the legs, and repeat with the arms and legs reversed for the same length of time.


What are the benefits of Gomukhasana?

Gomukhasana helps in relieving pain in hip and lower extremeties. It helps to make the spine straight and improves body posture. It is very useful in arthritis and dry piles. This asana is also beneficial in respiratory problems as it automatically gives exercise to the lungs.



Who should not practice Gomuklhasana?

People suffering from bleeding piles should avoid this asana. Do not practice this asana if you have serious neck or shoulder problems.


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