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What is Pascimottanasana?

It is a seated forward bend that stretches the back and spine, shoulders and hamstrings. The name has been drawn from Sanskrit Pascima means back or west and uttana means extension thus literally it means intense stretch of the back or west. It is an excellent posture for abdominal area.


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How to do Pascimottanasana or what is the technique of Pascimottanasana?

This asana looks simple, but is in fact one of the most difficult asanas to do thus demands proper guidance and practice. Start with sitting straight in with your spine upright. Stretch your both legs in front of you and keep hands by the side, palms resting on the ground. Fingers should remain together pointing forward. Now inhale and raise both arms forward and up alongside your ears, fingers pointing upwards. Exhale and bend forward from your hips, keeping the spine extended.

Loosen your back muscles and bend the body forward as far as it is possible. Remain in this pose for four to 12 steady breaths. Practice it daily and keep bending forward little more. Finally hold the big toes of the legs with forefingers of respective hands and place forehead on the knees. This is the extreme posture and can be achieved with lot of practice, beginners should not try to stretch beyond their comfort level.


What are the benefits of practicing  Pascimottanasana?

1.This asana strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps to cure constipation, dyspepsia and seminal weaknesses.
2. It also removes the possibilities of sciatica.
3. It is highly recommended for women as it benefits the ovaries and uterus and also helps to ease menstrual discomfort.
It is also beneficial for kidneys, liver, and diabetes. 

What are the cautions?

1. People suffering from chronic constipation should not practice it for more than three minutes      daily.
2. If you have ulcer in abdomen then this asana should not be practiced.
3. Do not practice it if you have back problems, asthma or diarrhea.


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